Woman’s bizarre request for a wedding night leaves photographer and internet shaken

Through Marchelle Abrahams 7 months ago

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Wedding photographers do their best to make their client happy – what the client wants, the client gets – within reason, of course.

But a recent request left the photographer stunned.

In a Facebook post, the unidentified woman contacted the man in the lens, asking him to document their two-day nuptials.

And then the weirdest twist came, the bride-to-be said she needed the photographer to take “intimate photos” of their wedding night as it would be their “first night together” Australia 7news.com.au reported.

“I just stumbled across your Facebook page while looking for a last minute photographer, the one we just canceled on us,” the post read.

“Our wedding is a bit unusual and we need at least three to four photographers since it is scheduled to last two days.

“But we would be satisfied with two, because beggars cannot choose.

She also stated that she was prepared to pay for all the raw footage and that they “will also need intimate photos after (our) wedding as it will be our first night together”.

“Can you give me a quote for 20-25 hours of coverage, and for all the rough?” ”

The post, which has since been deleted, was posted on a social media wedding group and sparked a huge debate among Facebook users.

“They think it’s going to be hot and scorching with soft, low lighting like a love movie, but the reality is it’s going to be a load of awkward fumbling and breaths and sweat,” one user said.

Another said, “I’m a photographer and I would take no less than $ 10,000. Because the hell.”

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