Woman reveals travel trick that allows her to carry extra baggage on plane

A popular Instagram couple shared a travel hack that lets you carry extra baggage on the plane and viewers can’t believe it. Take a look below:

Australian Jake Snow shares a profile with his German girlfriend Marie Fe and they shared the viral video with their 1.1 million followers.

As the short clip shows, Marie has filled her empty pillowcase with clothes, which ultimately saves space in her luggage and is still soft enough for a pillow.

Marie is then shown walking around the airport with her pillow, and then seems to manage to catch the flight with her as well.

The post went live today (Oct 11) and users loved the ‘game changer’ of an idea.

Credit: Instagram / mariefeandjakesnow

One user wrote: “Omg this is a great idea.”

A second added: “It’s so smart haha.”

Another wrote: “It’s the smartest thing there is.”

A fourth commented: “Oh that’s genius !!!”

An end user concluded: “Great idea! To try next time. “

The couple are known to travel the world with each other, and social media users seem to love their jet-set lifestyle.

The Daily Mail reported in 2018 that the couple wrote on their website: “It is much harder to learn the truth.

Credit: Instagram / mariefeandjakesnow
Credit: Instagram / mariefeandjakesnow

“The truth is, anyone can do what we do.

“Maybe photography, videography, and blogging aren’t your thing, but when it comes to travel, anyone who has the courage to take a chance and the commitment to see something through can travel as much as we do.

“It’s usually time and money that keep people from living similar lives, but if you want to prioritize travel, there are some easy ways to make money on the go.”

They continued, “This is where seasonal jobs can really make a difference.

“This is without a doubt the main reason why we are able to do what we do.

“We work really hard for four months a year in the wine industry in Australia saving every penny and then we hit the road for eight months.

“Just to be clear, this lifestyle is not what we plan to do forever.

“The beauty of seasonal jobs is not only that you save money for travel, but that you free up time to pursue what you really desire – your passion projects.

“How many people do you hear that they would love to be a musician, wedding planner, DJ, freelance photographer, or even travel blogger, but just don’t have the time to get started? “

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