Woman caught grabbing food at a party reacts hilariously when she sees the camera. Watch

Photographers in India have a habit of making people uncomfortable just trying to eat food at weddings or parties. One of those hilarious moments was captured in the viral video. Read also – Viral video: sister of the bride suddenly begins to kiss the groom on the wedding scene, the guests are stunned | Watch

Wedding receptions and buffets have become special at times like this, where people don’t go out much to attend events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It looked like the woman in this video was enjoying one of those special moments and devouring some tasty food until a photographer interrupted and messed it up. Also Read – Video of Rare Indian Gray Hornbill Birds Sitting on Mumbai Balcony Goes Viral, Internet Users Fascinated | Watch

In the video posted to Instagram, a woman can be seen sitting peacefully with a plate full of food in her hands. She quickly ate large scoops of a dish mixed with rice with her hands. There is nothing wrong with doing this, however, when the party photographer approached her, she became uncomfortable and began to eat in a different way. Also Read – Viral Video: Bear Climbs Electricity Pole, Cuts In Wires, Leaving Power Out For 15 Minutes | Watch

As the woman was about to eat a large scoop of food with her hand, the photographer approached her and placed his camera very close to her face. When she saw the camera it made her aware of the way she ate.

She froze for a moment, then dropped the food in her hand onto the plate and began to eat slowly with a spoon. However, as the photographer was still filming with the camera zooming in on her, she simply smiled at him and continued to eat her food. The way she reacted to seeing the cameraman left netizens divided.

Watch the viral video below:

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