Why Chucky’s Bride’s Jade Looks So Familiar

Some may remember that Katherine Heigl played Isabel Evans in the teenage sci-fi drama, “Roswell,” which aired for three seasons on the WB and UPN. The series told the story of three extraterrestrial-human hybrids who landed in Roswell, New Mexico during the infamous “UFO landing” in 1947. Looking like teenagers, the hybrids have a hard time fit in with their high school comrades, while hiding their darkness. secret from the authorities.

Isabel is a confident, beautiful young woman and the most popular girl in school, but inside she’s terrified that someone will find out her true identity. She is joined by aliens Max Evans (Jason Behr) and Michael Guerin (Brenden Fehr), but their opinions often differ as to who they should trust. When Max uses his powers to save the life of human Liz Parker, Isabel is furious with him for taking such a dangerous risk. Over time, however, Isabel begins to lower her guard and trust more, even opening her heart to Liz’s friend Alex (Colin Hanks), who is secretly in love with Isabel.

“Roswell” gave audiences three years of romance, lies and drama before ending in 2002. The series was recently rebooted under the title “Roswell, New Mexico” for The CW in 2019, and has since been resumed for a fourth season.

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