Who is Alena Yildiz? German model claims she was not invited to a wedding because she looked “too beautiful”

A wedding day is a very special and important day for the couple getting married, so it’s no surprise that most couples prefer to keep the spotlight on themselves. It was the same with a bride who uninvited her close friend / bridesmaid from her wedding after she was “too good looking” in her bridesmaid dress. Yes, you read that right. Alena Yildiz, a 21-year-old German model took to her TikTok to reveal that she had not been invited to her close friend’s wedding because she looked “too beautiful”.

In a TikTok clip that has since gone viral, Alena wrote, “My close friend took me down to her wedding because she thought I was too good looking in the dress SHE chose for me.” She also posted several photos of herself in said bridesmaid dress, with the caption: “I still took pictures of fire in it.” The clip has managed to garner 10 million views since it was first shared last week.


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Who is Alena Yildiz?

Alena is a 21-year-old model from Heidelberg, Germany. This stunning beauty is very popular on social media with an impressive 165,000 Instagram followers. The brunette beauty regularly posts photos of herself on her social media pages promoting various brands. In September, she announced that she had obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

Going back to the bridesmaid dress fiasco, Alena revealed that her close friend who is the bride (her name was withheld by the model for privacy reasons), herself chose the bridesmaid dress for Alena and her other bridesmaids. Alena’s dress is a strapless blue sequin dress with nude lace details. In an interview with Insider, Alena revealed that bridesmaids have to pay for their own dresses even if the bride chooses them. The model’s dress was designed by Albina Dyla and cost 1,200 euros or $ 1,360.

She also shared that when she sent the bride a video of her wearing the dress, she immediately got a call from the bride. “She called me and told me about her insecurities with my dress; that it was getting too much attention. She was very angry with the whole situation and ended up unsuspecting me after the call. We had a fight. because that made no sense to me since she chose this dress herself.

Alena was even more perplexed as none of the other bridesmaids who would also wear a similar dress had been invited. The model is currently not on good terms with her friend and missed the wedding which took place last week. “We have been talking about her marriage for years, and I was so happy that my friend was finally with the love of her life and partying with her,” she added. Unfortunately, Alena’s TikTok made things worse between the two friends. After the clip went viral, she and her friend reportedly argued even more and the model is now unsure if they will ever be able to overcome their differences. She does have some advice for women, however. “The beauty of another woman doesn’t make your beauty disappear, and I would like more people to understand that and be confident,” she said.

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