What Randy Savage Clothing Set Was Actually Worth On Pawn Stars

In the episode “Upper string, lower dollar, “A customer brings a set of custom-made wrestling gear from Randy Savage’s“ Macho Man. ”The bright yellow shirt and pants, tied together with a matching yellow cowboy hat, are certified by Macho’s revealing double scribble Man. Signature Mr. Corey, a longtime wrestling fan, is not a huge Savage fan, however, but his interest is piqued and he chooses to bring in an expert for an official assessment.

The seller, Tim, got this outfit after working as a wedding photographer for Macho Man’s 2010 wedding ceremony. Savage’s widow allowed Tim to take the outfit as a gift after the wrestler died of atherosclerosis in 2011, as reported by the Saint Petersburg timetables. If this anecdote is true, it would certainly help verify the idea that the Macho Man crown is genuine. Fortunately, a quick check from Corey’s wrestling expert proves the signings (and possibly Tim’s story) are legitimate.

The only important question that remains, according to the expert, is whether or not Savage was wearing this particular outfit at an event. If so, its price would skyrocket. Unfortunately, Tim’s outfit doesn’t have any references. As a result, the expert values ​​the entire set at $ 7,000. The seller is happy with this price until Corey sets his first offer at just $ 3,000. The two men haggle back and forth before settling for $ 5,000. It might not be the highest price tag, but it’s definitely a price worthy of Macho Man’s legacy.

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