What it was like to attend the clubhouse’s very first wedding

  • Natasha Grano and Michael Graziano are the very first couple to tie the knot on the audio-only app.
  • The traditional two-hour ceremony included walking down the aisle and reading to the Corinthians.
  • Guests were invited to “Push to Refresh” to update the couple’s profile photos as they went.
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Natasha Grano and Michael Graziano made history on the Clubhouse app yesterday when they became the very first couple to marry on the audio-only platform – a fitting venue considering this is where the two met last February.

According to a report from Direcon, a third-party analytics provider to Clubhouse, the nuptials caught the ears of nearly 27,000 listeners throughout the two-hour ceremony, which was hosted by celebrity matchmaker Carmelia Ray – 10 times the number of people initially expected. grant.

One of those listeners was Digital Marketing’s Gary Henderson, who met the couple through the app and listened from his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, before going out shopping with his wife.

“It was great to hear so many people sharing their words of love with Natasha and Michael,” Henderson, who has never met the couple in person, told Insider.

“The Clubhouse is the perfect way to invite friends and family from around the world to an intimate experience without it becoming too intrusive,” he added. “We were able to share a private moment together without the discomfort of a camera, or lighting, or professional microphones, or weird angles. Without the Clubhouse, this incredible wedding would never have been possible.”

Although Clubhouse leaders played no role in the couple’s marriage, Stephanie Simon, Community, Creators and Partnerships Manager at the Clubhouse, took a moment to express her best wishes to the couple and made the statement. next to Insider: “We are constantly inspired by how individuals use the Clubhouse to meet new people, build friendships and ultimately share human experience milestones with one another. This marriage reminds us that the power and intimacy of the voice can transform shared conversations. interests in deep and meaningful relationships, and even love. “

As for me, while I was mesmerized by the idea of ​​an audio-only wedding – especially from the guests’ perspective, since I was able to witness the Sunday morning festivities in my favorite sweatpants in comfort from my couch – I found myself missing those quintessential moments that you can only really experience in real life: the first kiss, the first dance, the cutting of the cake, and yes, even the bouquet toss .

A traditional ceremony – everything is done by audio

The couple exchange rings on Clubhouse

The couple exchange rings at Clubhouse.

Jenny Powers

Henderson, as well as listeners around the world like me, were treated to a variety of rituals reminiscent of a conventional wedding, but through audio: the bride’s walk down the aisle, a reading of Corinthians, and heartfelt speeches given by members of the party bride, which included the rapper Ja rule and John Assaraf, from the documentary “The Secret”.

Daymond John from “Shark Tank” and

co-founder Marc Randolph, who was on the groomsmen list, was not present and, according to Grano, a bridesmaid missed the event because she was stuck on a plane.

The ceremony was presided over by John Gray, the former associate pastor of Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church. Gray turned things on his own by opening the service by proclaiming, “Dear Beloved, we are gathered here today before this Clubhouse community to join Natasha and Michael in a holy marriage.”

He also concluded the service by offering the following advice to guests: “If a person can show a valid reason why they should not be reunited, let them speak now or shut up the Clubhouse forever.”

Wedding guests were invited to sign a guest book and directed to a ledger, where the couple could be gifted with a series of items, such as a bottle of champagne ($ 95), a romantic dinner for two on the beach ($ 250), or even a Caribbean Getaway at a five star hotel ($ 5,000). For those whose pockets weren’t that deep, there were also nominal items, like a single pacifier for Rio, Grano’s four-and-a-half-year-old son from a previous marriage ($ 1).

Add a little Clubhouse flair

The couple exchange their vows on Clubhouse

The couple exchange their vows on Clubhouse.

Jenny Powers

Then there were the aspects of the couple’s union that one could only experience in a Clubhouse wedding – the requests to “mute” and follow the couple and the bridal party on social media and the presence of microphone blasts, the virtual version of applause, for example.

Unlike actual weddings, where speeches are known to last too long, members of the virtual bridal party received constant reminders to keep their speeches no longer than two minutes – and some even concluded their comments with the fluent phrase. used on Clubhouse: “Thanks. I’m done talking.”

Throughout the ceremony, guests were regularly ordered to “Push to Refresh” or PTR, resulting in the couple’s profile photos being continuously updated to reflect the timeline of the event and allow invited to see snapshots of Grano arriving in the limo and walking down the aisle, the two exchanging both vows and rings at the altar, and their first kiss as husband and wife.

A magical digital event

In fact, the footage was all taken on Saturday inside a church in Vancouver. Graziano told Insider on the Clubhouse’s wedding day, the two were at home on their iPhones wearing sweatpants. “Then we just relaxed, ordered some Greek food from DoorDash, and watched ‘Titanic’ on Netflix,” he said.

Despite some of the less-than-romantic technical aspects of the event, listeners could still feel the warm blurs – the poignant pauses felt before the “I do”, the warmth of the couple’s handwritten vows, the embracing sounds that accompanied the couple’s first kiss. , and the excited hoots and howls that spontaneously erupted from some of the wedding party in distant places.

Grano and Graziano's first kiss

First kiss from Grano and Graziano.

Photograph by Misha Krutiy

In his greetings, Graziano told Grano: “Maybe I had to search the whole world to realize that you had always been hiding in the apps on my phone, but this time I won’t let go”, adding that their wedding at the Clubhouse was “the happiest day of her digital life.”

In classic wedding form, the couple left the Clubhouse room for Kool and the Gang’s obligatory wedding hymn, “Celebration,” while wedding guest and social media influencer Kiante Young overwhelmed. out of emotion, told everyone who listened, “Hope you have a future baby shower on Clubhouse!”

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