Wedding photographer failure goes viral on TikTok

A whole wedding party was shocked a bit after a clumsy mistake from a wedding photographer, which was caught on camera.

Videographer @ jpvideography2141, whose name is John Pattyson, shared footage of the incident on TIC Tac and it has since gone viral.

The awkward moment when the photographer forgot the name of the bride. Photo: TikTok

The clip showed the moment the photographer called the bride, whose name is Katelyn, by the name of the bride she had pictured the week before.

Her name was Taylor, and what made it particularly newsworthy was the fact that Taylor was the name of the groom’s ex-girlfriend.


“The couple, just say the couple,” Katelyn can be heard saying in the clip.

Commentators were divided on the incident, with some calling the mistake a huge misstep, with one calling it “worthy of the cringe.”

“If this had happened to me, I would have been so angry the whole marriage,” one person said.

“I would literally go out,” said another, while a third agreed: “I would be so angry I would call off the wedding.”

Others, however, were more sympathetic.

“You all know wedding photographers go to multiple weddings a day or a week. I’m a florist and a photographer and I did. It’s not our intention,” one person pointed out.

“As a photographer, I call people the wrong name all the time. I would die if that happened to me,” commented another.

wedding photographer

The photographer’s failure has gone viral. Photo: Getty

Talk to News week the bride said she was caught off guard by the incident, but forgot about it all until it went viral on TikTok.

“At first I was like, ‘Did she really just say that name? Out of all the names she could have chosen!’ I just laughed about it and didn’t think it was such a big deal, ”she said.

“It was the wedding of my dreams, so I wasn’t going to make a little confusion like this to ruin my day.”

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