Want to include your dog in your marriage? A Pet Wedding Assistant Could Help You

Kiley Ossello with Ollie the Dalmatian

Courtesy of Kiley Ossello

Kiley Ossello is a Kansas City business owner and longtime dog lover who is changing the way people in the Midwest get married. She makes it easier for dog owners in her area to include their pets in their weddings – and it’s a pretty awesome business model.

Ossello’s company, Lending A Paw, helps couples on their wedding day by bringing their pooches to and from the location. Her event day service includes everything from providing food and water to escorting your puppy down the aisle.

The idea came to Ossello when there was a problem in planning his own wedding. Ossello and her fiancé wanted their Dalmatian, Ollie, to be part of their wedding day, but the logistics were difficult to sort out.

“I couldn’t find a way to get [Ollie] there without a family member or friend bringing him to the scene to take pictures, ”Ossello told Daily Paws. “And I didn’t want them missing any photos or part of the reception worrying about Ollie and taking him on board.” after.”

In the end, Ossello and her fiancé made the choice to climb aboard Ollie during their marriage, even though it pained them not to have their precious puppy there for their big day. But she decided to make the most of the situation by making sure other couples could have a better experience in the future. Ossello started pitching her business idea to friends and family, and with their positive feedback she started Lending a Paw.

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Ossello started his business this year and is already enjoying success. She tells Daily Paws that the delay in marriages in 2020 – and the onslaught of pet adoptions during the COVID-19 pandemic – have helped boost business. It also helps modern couples to include their pets more in important life events.

“We are all obsessed with our dogs, they have to be a part of everything,” says Ossello.

Lending A Paw offers an impressive array of daytime services and can be used for weddings and other large events such as proposals, photoshoots etc. Beyond the basics, Ossello will also bring toys to keep your pooch entertained during downtime, can take them for pre-event grooming, take care of pet waste disposal, and more.

“No matter what they need during the day, I am essentially their animal handler,” says Ossello. “I’ll be there to get the dog where he needs it, and then I can stay at the ceremony or reception to make sure someone is watching the dog if they want it there.”

To make the day go smoothly, Ossello enjoys meeting couples before the event to help the dogs feel more comfortable with her on the wedding day. She plans to expand her service to include cats and hopes that one day she can expand Lending A Paw to include their own grooming and boarding services.

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We are really impressed with this amazing service for pet parents – and discreet a little disappointed, we didn’t think of the idea! We hope to see the idea take off in more cities, and we wish Ossello every success in his new venture with many happy couples and their furry family members celebrating together.

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