Wales wedding fair is live with new EXPO event

Traditional wedding fairs cannot be held due to COVID-19 restrictions, so how do you find the best wedding venue, celebrant, photographer, pastry chef, caterer, or wedding planner for you?

The answer is you can attend an innovative new online wedding EXPO on Sunday March

The Wedding EXPO Wales & West is the region’s premier interactive online wedding show with live video chat.

It was created by independent wedding providers and the Zokit business platform, based in South Wales.

There will be demonstrations, wedding dress showcases, and discussions on what you need to do to plan your wedding during the pandemic and beyond.

Vendors and wedding venues will also have booths where you can virtually drop by and chat with them about your wedding plans.

The EXPO will help you plan your wedding budget, find the best deals and have the best experience for your big day. There will also be exclusive offers on the day.

The event between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. is free online for the bride and groom and future civil partners.

You can get your free tickets here:

If vendors or wedding venues are interested in exhibiting at the event, a few online booths are still available. The reservation link is:

Exhibitors like Vale of Glamorgan-based magician Bryan Gunton of Encounter Magic are gearing up for the EXPO.

He says, “We are delighted to finally be able to interact with couples again. It will be the first chance that many will have had to visit suppliers since their engagement. “

Jo Davies of Double Take Photography, covering South Wales and the South West, says: “This EXPO was organized by bridal companies for bridal companies due to the pandemic that ended the traditional Wedding Fayre.

“We were aware that not only are we and other companies struggling to find our target customers, but those customers are also struggling to find us. This EXPO is a way to have a face to face interaction without risking to hold a physical event. “

Celebrant Jane Grayer of Abergavenny-based Create Ceremonies adds: “I really missed the opportunity to meet couples as they start planning their weddings during the pandemic and have tried a multitude of wedding salons. to try to connect.

“But what has always been lacking is this ability to discuss, to explain what a celebrant brings to the ceremony and to listen to their ideas, to answer questions as they go.

“The Wedding EXPO Wales & West gives me the opportunity to have these conversations as people stop by my booth to listen, ask questions, learn more – and I can’t wait!”

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