Top 3 startups in northeast India promoting local products

The culture of North East India is very vibrant and this is especially visible in crafts, looms and food products. The culture that has existed for over hundreds of years is preserved by the present generation and the same is visible in the start-ups that help promote the local product of this region across the country. Here is a list of three Northeastern start-ups that are doing their best not only to protect this rich culture, but also to spread it in different states.


Based in Meghalaya, this start-up deals with honey, spices and herbs from the state. The company offers a pure but rare product that relies on their knowledge of local languages, cultures and state design. This start-up’s must-have products include ginger powder, turmeric, whole spices, raw honey, ground spices and other highly regarded blends.

Ziria-Shillong has a loyal following and they are so loyal that they wait until harvest time to have their product delivered. The brand is mainly used by health conscious customers. Started by Ralph Budaleman in 2004, he understood the under-exploited potential of the state’s agricultural resources and launched it. Initially, a group of individuals were trained hard for this as it focused heavily on knowledge of the field.

What sets the start-up apart from other start-ups is the fact that it did not hire professionals but focused on recruiting people who wanted to develop their skills and had the right values. The company’s products can be purchased directly from Amazon or from their website. Once purchased, the product is delivered right to the door with the help of amazing courier services like eKart and China post. The company is expanding rapidly and will soon start working on international deliveries as well.

Nagaland track

This company was founded in 2013 to promote products made in Nagaland using local materials and techniques. Runway Nagaland – Dimapur deals with handmade products and indigenous art and works with an all-female team of artisans to deliver the products. The startup was created with the aim of passing on the ancient knowledge of craftsmanship to the next generation. In doing so, it aims not only to preserve the culture and tradition of Nagaland, but also to improve the state’s economy by attracting more businesses and tackling the problem of mass migration.

Surprisingly, Runway Nagaland customers not only belong to the state of Nagaland but also outside, which shows that people prefer their handmade products.

When starting the business, Hengna, the founder, faced many issues such as lack of funding and capital and the stereotype of women working in the business, but she destroyed everything to grow the business. business.

Even though the difficulties were present, the state government played an active role in supporting different start-ups by helping young people get the right information in order to develop their businesses. Currently, Runway Nagaland plans to expand by creating products made from natural materials like banana fiber, which will also improve employment opportunities in the village.

Brahmaputra Fables

Brahmaputra Fables was founded in 2017 by Dhruba Jyoti Deka in Assam. It is an online marketplace that offers artisanal, hand-woven and ethnic food products from the state. She had the idea of ​​starting Brahmaputra Fables during her college days, when her friends were in awe of the state’s traditional products. Jyoti Deka belongs to Sarthebari, a village famous for its bells and brass ironwork. He harnessed this talent by cutting out middlemen and delivering the product across the country while improving the livelihoods of artisans.

Brahmaputra Fables presents more than 3000 weavers and artisans from the region. The start-up is currently focusing on residents of Tier 1 cities as well as businesses. When many businesses were forced to shut down during the Covid lockdown, Brahmaputra Fables saw an increase in demand for its products because they are sustainable. The store currently has over 100 products and all of them are eco-friendly, making them an eco-friendly company. Soon, Brahmaputra Fables will integrate touchscreen technology to make the ordering process extremely easy.

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