Tom Hanks photobombs the bride on her wedding day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH (WPVI) – You gotta love Tom Hanks.

The Oscar-winning actor is cementing his reputation as one of the kindest, most down-to-earth stars by seemingly giving time to some Pittsburgh locals.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Hanks is in town filming “A Man Called Otto” and was seen in town.

Photographer Rachel Rowland told the publication that she, bride Grace Gwaltney and her bridesmaids were leaving the Fairmont Pittsburgh on Saturday when Hanks decided to join the party.

“So we were all walking from the hotel to the limo, and out of nowhere he popped up and just said, ‘My name is Tom Hanks! Can I take a photo with the bride? ‘” Rowland said. “We all started screaming and were pretty much in shock.”

This isn’t Hanks’ first wedding party.

The California and New York brides happily agreed when the star asked to take a photo with them on their big day.

She said Hanks posed for a few photos with the bridal party and his wife Rita Wilson, who was with him, jumped into some of the photos with them as well.
Ashley Glass and her 2-year-old son, Charles, met Hanks while he was filming near their home. Hanks spotted her and the youngster watching and approached to chat with them.

“I rushed over and got my phone. He came over and was talking to us,” Glass told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I was stunned. I didn’t even know what to say.”

She filmed the interaction and posted it on Facebook.


The-CNN-Wire contributed to this report.

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