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Events activity is one of the companies hardest hit at the start of the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic since March 2020.

Nikky Rivera, a full-time event photographer, is one of many who lost concerts and income as the pandemic effectively ended all manner of events in the country.

“What was supposed to be a promising year for me turned out to be a devastating year and I had to find some form to ‘get out of it’ before I fell into depression,” Nikky explained.

It was then that Out-of-Knotting, affectionately known as “OK”, was born.

“OK was the fruit of idle hands, of a mind searching for a new profession and a heart filled with anxiety,” recalls Nikky.

In May 2020, Nikky explored the art of fiber, specifically macrame.

“With lots of free time during lockdown, I discovered how macra making has the ability to silence my anxiety until this little hobby becomes my mental therapy. This dark season called me to be a ‘coronapreneur’, ”she said.

OK promotes sustainability and responsible waste disposal since scrap materials, both macrame and solihiya items are used. These materials are recycled to become accent pieces for the OK collections.

“Since I was in college, I have already been an advocate for ingenuity through handmade craftsmanship, a passion for service and most notably – sustainability,” Nikky explained.

OK provides financial assistance to some housewives in Floridablanca, Pampanga.

OK’s first creation were the macrame envelope bags. These bags come with brass chains and locks suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

“In fact, I was quite surprised to see how well this was received at a time when these products are considered ‘luxury’ because they are not essential. In fact, the first buyers were very appreciative of the machine. I guess here in Pampanga there aren’t many people doing it. It’s always a ‘new show’ on the local craft scene, ”Nikky explained.

Besides the first macrame collection, OK has expanded to solihiya items that feature different shapes and sizes of bags that aim to become a timeless piece in every home. Solihiya bags are designed for every type of lifestyle and are gender neutral.

“We have the classic macrame wrap bags, solohiya bags, rattan home decorations, and new clothing and lifestyle items coming to the rack,” Nikky said.

Nikky envisions OK to become a household name for offering products that promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Soon, OK set up a physical store where people can relax, shop, and dine at a grocery store full of coins from OK and other local brands.

“I envision it as a platform where budding young creatives can have a space where they can exhibit and sell their work,” Nikky explained.

Nikky added that OK is greatly influenced by the creation story in the book of Genesis – the Lord’s faithfulness to deliver and his reminder in the parable of the talent.

“This season has recalibrated my sense of going back to basics. The entire quarantine period brought me to a series of falls that resulted in spiritual and emotional breakthroughs. This small business was a big reminder of my purpose and my place in the world – not to be rich, not to be famous, but to be grateful for the little things, ”she said.

Want to own one of OK’s unique handcrafted pieces? Browse their full catalog at outofknotting_thelabel on Instagram, or message them on Facebook (, or contact Nikky on 09672502169.

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