The return of the dream honeymoon

When Kalyn and Collin Pounders finally went on their honeymoon to Greece in July after delaying it for more than a year due to the pandemic, they were ready to splurge. The couple, who live in Atlanta and got married in June 2020, extended their trip so they could visit the islands of Mykonos and Santorini, got a nicer room at the hotel they booked and even made a private cruise.

At first Ms Pounders, 25, had no intention of following the advice of her friends, who told her it was a one-time trip and that she shouldn’t give up on luxury. But that’s exactly how she and Mr Pounders, 27, ended up approaching the vacation after months of waiting and struggles with the pandemic. “We are really happy to have taken this advice,” said Ms. Pounders, who works as a clinical pharmacist. Her husband is an investment analyst. “We waited for this, we worked really hard between the two,” she said, “and when the time finally came, we were like ‘Why not? We deserve it.’”

After the pandemic forced many honeymoons to a halt, this summer has shown they are back – and bigger and brighter than ever. The Travel Siblings, a New York-based travel consulting firm that focuses on romantic travel, saw its honeymoon bookings in July quadruple from last year. More than 70 percent of couples who married in the last year have taken or plan to go on a post-wedding getaway, a figure up nearly 20 percent from 2020 and back to pre-pandemic levels, according to a recent report from WeddingWire.

The Pounders are far from the only ones forgetting frugality on their postponed honeymoon. “We can absolutely say that the honeymoons are back with passion and vengeance,” said Harlan deBell, owner of Travel Siblings. Kara Bebell, also owner, added: “As many couples have had to postpone their wedding dates multiple times, they splurge more on hotel upgrades and private romantic experiences.” Before the pandemic, the company’s customers typically spent around $ 16,000 on their honeymoon. Now they are finding that couples who had to postpone their initial honeymoon are spending over $ 20,000.

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