The boom times ahead for love

By Danielle Kutchel

A Pearcedale wedding photographer is looking forward to an exceptional season of love once Covid-19 restrictions ease.

Former nurse and paramedic Brendan Creaser, who made the jump to full-time wedding photography last year, said he couldn’t help but be optimistic about the direction of the industry marriage.

This is despite 18 months of closures, which have had a devastating impact on many wedding vendors with events often reduced or canceled altogether.

“It’s been a real roller coaster of boom and bust,” he explained.

But boom times will return, he said, especially if past trends are to be followed.

Mr Creaser said it had been a particularly busy summer last summer, as the bride and groom rushed to tie the knot.

While the warmer months are usually wedding season, he said last season was “really crazy”.

But lockdown six has “really rocked the industry”, as vendors and couples nervously look north and wonder if what’s happening in New South Wales could also be happening here.

“Most weddings through September have already made the decision to postpone until early next year,” Mr. Creaser said.

Now he is receiving bookings for late 2022 and early 2023.

Her goal, and that of many others in the industry right now, is to ensure that current clients are well looked after and to coordinate with other vendors to assess when and where the wedding will ultimately take place. place.

In some ways, Covid fundamentally changed the industry; midweek weddings have become more popular as vendors rush to bring in couples, and there is a trend towards more intimate events and getaways.

Covid is the perfect excuse to reduce the guest list, Mr Creaser joked.

Although he has seen other people stop taking reservations and prepare to quit the industry, he said it was not his plan.

“I was transferred from a health care post last year and went there full time during the pandemic which is an interesting decision, but I believe there will be a rebound, ”he explained.

“When there is a lot more stability in the events that can unfold, there will be a boom.

“I understand the measures that have been put in place to protect the fragile health care system – I think my optimism comes from an appreciation of why we are doing this.”

While waiting for restrictions to ease again, Mr Creaser said he would encourage couples to start planning their big day to give them something to look forward to when Covid is over.

“I think next year will be totally different from this year,” he said.

“Be creative and excited, and get married always – the love will always be there.”

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