The Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Adults

If you are bored at home, try to learn a new trade, which is fun, rewarding and has a lot of benefits!

Over the past few months, many of us have increased our screen time, including me! Faced with the impossibility – or at least the difficulty – of going out, many of us have taken refuge in social media, streaming services and online messaging to talk to our friends and family. But this dependence on technology to communicate is not entirely healthy, either physically (sight, sedentary lifestyle, etc.) or mentally (more stress and even isolation).

Crafts aren’t just for kids

Sometimes we think arts and crafts are just for kids, but it’s not. They are also extremely beneficial for adults, and now more than ever it is important to include them in our weekly routines.

Arts and crafts have many advantages.

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If you are one of those people who thinks they are not creative or have no manual skills, remember that we are all creative, each in our own way, for we are created to reflect our Creator.

The benefits of craftsmanship

Take the time to understand what inspires you and reap the benefits of being creative. Here are a few :

  1. Stress relief: When you’re immersed in a job you love, you focus on it and stop thinking (even for a little while) about what’s bothering you. It reduces stress and anxiety levels. It is a kind of meditation that brings you calm and allows you to be alone with yourself in a peaceful atmosphere. You can even use it as a time to be silent and talk to God.
  2. It encourages creativity: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired of having so many Zoom work meetings, or just running out of ideas, maybe you need to do something artistic that allows you to express yourself in a different way. It can help you have mental clarity.
  3. It allows you to learn new skills. Even if you already have ideas about what art or craft you are going to undertake, you can still innovate, develop your talent, and gain new knowledge. It is a reminder that life is a constant learning process and that even as adults we can continue to cultivate our skills.-and maybe discover new ones.
  4. Addicted to the phone and / or social networks? Although you may need to consult an online source to do your arts or crafts (especially if you are a beginner), screen time will never be the same. Sometimes the digital disconnect is necessary for mental hygiene.
  5. Savings: Depending on the profession you do, you can even save money because you can do some things for yourself instead of buying them in a store, which is much cheaper.
  6. This is the opportunity to socialize: Right now, due to the pandemic, you probably can’t socialize in person, but there are still digital options. You can join an online course where you can meet other people (even other nationalities), or maybe you and a friend have the same hobby and can share tips and suggestions with each other. others on a weekly basis. Without this activity, you might not find a reason to speak so often.
  7. The satisfaction of accomplishment: Enjoying both the creative process and the end result itself is a source of joy and pride. Unlike a project you do for work, when you do something at home, you yourself can use and enjoy what you have created (or give it as a gift to someone special). More, it will give you a good dose of confidence in yourself and in what you are capable of accomplishing, which will have a positive impact on your self-esteem and your general mood.
Knitting relaxes you, and if you wish, you can show, gift or sell your own creations.


Some arts and crafts ideas you can do:

  1. Handmade soaps
  2. Knitting / sewing
  3. Painting (from simple pencil to watercolor)
  4. Candles
  5. Manufacture of jewelry / accessories
  6. Origami
  7. Modeling with clay
  8. Ceramic
  9. Gardening
  10. Creative pastry

We are human and there is no magic recipe for instant success in any activity. But with all the technological development and the hustle and bustle of everyday tasks, let’s remember to use our God-given hands and talents to exercise our creativity and nourish our minds.

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