Tesla driver in California using autopilot arrested for drunk driving

A woman suspected of impaired driving has been handcuffed and taken into custody after her self-driving Tesla was reportedly put on autopilot, ultimately coming to a stop on a California highway overpass.

The vehicle hit a roadside wall shortly after 11 p.m. Thursday and continued to drive despite the driver being unconscious, according to the California Highway Patrol incident log.

A media helicopter captured the incident showing the Tesla moving at a relatively slow speed and eventually stopping after a CHP vehicle pulled up right in front of it.


Other CHP vehicles had followed the car, trying to stop it, but were unsuccessful.

The driver was arrested, but her name was not disclosed.

Autopilot has often been misused by Tesla drivers in the past. Police arrested several drunk drivers or in the backseat of the car as they drove on busy California freeways.

Tesla says its autopilot feature uses cameras and ultrasonic sensors to see and sense the car’s surroundings. The electric car maker says its “robust suite of sensors and cameras enables drivers to become aware of their surroundings that a single driver would not otherwise have.”

However, critics argue the car has issues with parked emergency vehicles and perpendicular trucks in its path.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is examining 12 accidents as part of an investigation into Tesla’s autopilot system and has given the company until Oct. 22 to provide detailed information on its driver assistance systems.


Autopilot is standard with all new Tesla models, although the company sells a more advanced version called “Full Self Driving” for $ 10,000 or to subscribers for $ 199 per month. Despite the name, the company says on its website that it does not make Tesla vehicles safe for use without a driver behind the wheel.

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