Steve Martin and Martin Short visited Richmond on Friday to discuss ‘Only Murders in the Building’ and the secret of their comedic friendship | Entertainment

Martin and Short first met on the set of the 1986 movie “The Three Amigos” starring Chevy Chase.

“We have a similar sense of humor,” said Short. The two became quick friends. “There were dinners and family vacations.

Short played a wedding planner in Martin’s film “Father of the Bride”. And the two started doing shows together in 2015.

“We work in a positive way and have a great harmony,” said Short.

As for their performance on stage, they don’t care about Hollywood and the nature of celebrity. But what they laugh at most often is themselves – or each other. The false compliment occupies an important place in their show.

“I think the secret is that it starts with friendship,” Short said.

They sing and dance. Martin pulls out the banjo and Short performs a bunch of weird and funny moves reminiscent of his Ed Grimley character on “Saturday Night Live”.

“We are constantly working on the show. Added new routines, new songs, new jokes. For our benefit and that of the public, ”said Martin.

Their show was originally scheduled to stop in Richmond in 2020, but the pandemic then occurred.

They were on tour in Ireland when the pandemic struck in March 2020 and were sent home. In addition to filming “Only Murders in the Building,” Martin said he spent the pandemic at home, like everyone else, “spraying my groceries.”

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