Spotlight on location: Galerie de Galatoire

Photography Greer Gattuso

Basically, a marriage symbolizes a new beginning. It is the coming together of two people for love and shared values ​​in a new unity. In New Orleans we see many new beginnings – new businesses, new events, new things being created every day – but at its heart New Orleans is an old soul with its old traditions and a long and rich history.

The Galatoire Restaurant is a big part of New Orleans history and the lives of the individuals and families who have been here for generations. Since its opening in 1905, Galatoire’s has been one of the jewels of the culinary scene. Without compromising its heritage, Galatoire’s has managed to develop what makes it great and create its own new beginnings. In 2013, the “33” at the Galatoire steakhouse was added to the restaurant group and this year the group added even greater expansion with the opening of the Galatoire Gallery.

Beyond the iconic Bourbon Street location, the Galerie de Galatoire extends the restaurant concept to Royal Street as one of the largest non-hotel dining rooms in the French Quarter.

Located opposite the Monteleone Hotel, Galerie de Galatoire has an impressive 5,500 square foot space that can accommodate up to 450 people, offering guests – especially couples – a way to add the tradition of Galatoria to their events.

The hall itself can be separated into two zones, allowing various options for hosting the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception in the same location.

Although the location has its own individual menu, the team behind the new concept tells LTEC that couples wishing to include the Galatoire’s signature menu in their big day can choose from a selection of French Creole cuisine similar to that on display at the Galatoire. original, as well as some restaurant classics. The space also includes a chef’s gallery, a high-walled terrace and two full balconies overlooking Rue Royal.

“Consistency has been Galatoire’s greatest asset for over a century,” the Galerie de Galatoire team said in a press release regarding the opening. “New Orleans’ world-renowned cuisine and the impeccable service of the Galatoire carry over to the Galerie de Galatoire, as every aspect and attention to detail of this new dining room reflects the traditional experience that guests have had at the Galatoire. for generations.

0516 Photograph Greer Gattuso

Photography Greer Gattuso

The Galerie de Galatoire is officially open and allows the booking of events. To schedule a virtual tour and get more information, couples can visit or call 504-525-2021.

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