Saint-Louis meteorologists: where are they now? | Television

Photos courtesy of Dave Murray

Then • In 1976, at the age of 22, I became the first certified meteorologist on local St. Louis TV news on KSDK-TV. This career was my dream since the third year when I became fascinated by the weather. I was hired during my graduate studies focusing on thunderstorm research. On air, I integrated moving color radar graphics with scientific explanations into the forecast. I hold the record for severe weather, continuous live coverage – I was on the air for over 8 hours in April 2011. At the age of 29, I became chief meteorologist for “Good Morning America.” And “World News This Morning” on ABC. At New York. But I missed the weather forecast and returned to KTVI-TV in 1990. After a career total of 12 Emmy Awards, I retired after 42 years in television in 2018.

Now • The weather is always a part of my life. I can be heard daily on the radio, live on “The Dave Glover Show” on 97.1 FM, on 100.7 FM station “The Viper” in St. Charles and on “JC Corcoran in the Morning” by KBDZ FM. My Facebook page, Dave Murray’s Weather, has almost 100,000 followers. There, I answer questions in addition to the daily and seasonal forecasts. I work in a small studio at home. I continue to walk our dogs, Rain and Snowflake, play golf, pickleball and grow vegetables in the garden. Best of all, I finally have some free evenings at home with my 40-year-old wife, former KSDK reporter Janis Settle Murray. We were lucky to have a grandchild who just turned 1 year old. And yes, I still have this head full of naturally curly hair. As my first photo shows, I tried to control it when I started. Later I said the devil with him and let him go. We mow it a bit now, like the lawn, about once a month.

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