Relationship stories: Bride reveals how her in-laws ruined her walk down the aisle

What was meant to be a marriage day of love and joy for a the bride and young married man ultimately resulted in tears – not the happy kind – due to the familythe behavior of.

TIC Tac user @unfiltered_life_of_grace went viral on the video-sharing platform after posting images of her in-laws crying and staring at her as she walked down the aisle.

“Watching my wedding video and reliving the public disapproval of my in-laws,” Grace wrote over snippets of them on her big day, which turned into a picture of her holding her husband’s hand , eyes downcast, as she tried to “pull him together in the ceremony and pretend [she] didn’t notice. ”Look above.

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Grace said her in-laws were crying, staring at her or not looking at her as she walked down the aisle to stand next to their son. (TIC Tac)

Grace, who often shares stories of her husband’s tumultuous family on her TikTok account, then posted a three-minute tearful video explaining the story behind it mother- and the hysteria of the stepfather.

the the bride says she looks like “a dog’s breakfast” as it had taken her emotionally several times to film the whole story.

Prior to the wedding day, there had been some drama with the planning of the wedding between Grace, her husband Dan, and Dan’s family, but she believed everything would be fine on D-Day.

As she walked down the aisle, she looked at her future husband, who was crying as he turned to see her.

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“I saw the faces of my friends and family and then I saw them,” Grace says in the video.

“My sister-in-law was crying, and it’s not the tears of joy that normally occur on a wedding day that, you know, you kind of know what they look like.”

Grace says her sister-in-law later told her and Dan that she was crying because she felt like she was “losing. [her] brother.”

As for her mother-in-law, Grace said that she “refused to look at me” and watched the whole ceremony in front of her, while her step-dad “watched. [Grace]. “

“When you’re the bride you’re so taken off in the morning when you’re getting ready that you really don’t know what the ceremony will be like until you get there, and I 100% believed it was gonna be a joyous occasion, ”says Grace.

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TikTok, Grace wedding, in-laws
Grace cried as she explained the events of the day. (TIC Tac)

Starting to cry, Grace says her “stomach fell” when she saw how her in-laws were behaving, and all she could think of when she walked down the aisle was making sure she was smiling to the photographer, the videographer and everyone else who watched her, including her present-day husband.

She said she figured she could skip the 30-minute ceremony.

“I think that’s what really breaks me,” Grace says. “I’ll never have that aisle look again, I’ll never know what it’s like to walk down the aisle and all the people you love are looking at you and happy you’re there.”

Grace revealed that she and Dan were actually meant to stand on the non-traditional side, meaning her family could see her directly in her face, and her family could see her face for the ceremony, rather than the bride standing. from the guest’s side of the bride and the groom from the guest’s side of the groom.

That day, however, that didn’t happen, for which Grace is ultimately grateful.

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“Throughout the ceremony, out of the corner of my eye, I could see their look of disgust as I swore to love their son for the rest of my life,” Grace said.

“And I’m so grateful that it was me who had to watch this, and not Dan, because I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, and certainly not on my husband.”

TikTok users who followed Grace’s stories about her in-laws commitment, planning the wedding and the wedding day, expressed their sadness for the couple.

“It just screams toxic family relationships,” wrote one user. ” What is that ? A sister who cries that she “loses” her brother? “

One person advised, “Renew your vows! Take your loved ones to a beautiful place and stroll down the aisle you deserve x “

Grace revealed in the comments that although she and Dan tried a “kindly kill” method with her family, the couple ultimately remained out of touch with their original family.

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In other videoGrace revealed that she didn’t expect her stories to go viral and asked her husband if he wanted her to remove his videos, but he “didn’t care.”

“I started posting hours of storytelling, and Dan thought it was so funny, because when Dan and I started dating his parents told me I shouldn’t tell people that they were yelling at me because I had to keep it to myself and it was inappropriate, ”Grace said.

“So he thinks it’s absolutely hilarious that I go online now and tell 4000 people everything they’ve done to me.”

To this, a TikTok commentator wrote: “If they didn’t want people to hear about their actions, they should have behaved better.”

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