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The Russian Revolution saw the end of an era for royalty in Russia, but a Romanov marriage more than 117 years later proves that the tradition of royal descendants has not completely dissolved. One of the ve of Westminster Collegery own staff, Dr Russell Martin, were not only fortunate enough to attend the wedding, but also play a role in it.

Dr Martin has worked with the Imperial Russian House for about 18 years old, doing historical research, counseling and portion with the official translation Imperial House of Russia web page. He had also been invited to jwithin the Chancellery of the Head of the Imperial Household, Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Marie of Russia, as Advisor for Foreign Media and Communications; this role allows him to take care of the communication of the Chancellery outside Russia while continuing to research, consult, translate and write. Due to his position, he and his family were invited to attend the royal wedding.

While the festivities happened in at the end of September, Dr Martin began to play a role in the marriage about a yesr before. He translated and edited the biographies of the bride and groom, wrote or translated descriptions of events as they were planned, and contributed to the Imperial House’s presence on social media. Martin was also commissioned to write a “program” be used by foreign or non-Orthodox guests to help them better understand the wedding service. The day before the wedding, she was also asked to translate the sermon. of the Metropolitan of Saint Petersburg and Ladoga, who is the orthodox cleric who officiated at the wedding, in English that he then had the honor read during the ceremony while standing next to the Metropolitan.

Asked about the significance of this event, Dr. Martin replied: “They [the royal couple] now live full time in Moscow, and so this marriage somewhat represents the return of the Romanovs to Russia after a long exile.

He will continue to serve the Imperial Russian House as well as Westminster College.

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