Prince Charles was warned that Camilla was not married by the most important woman in his life, royal commentators reveal

Once upon a time long before he met Princess Diana, Prince Charles fell in love with Camilla Parker Bowles. Although the Prince of Wales is believed to have always wanted to marry her, other people did not include the most important woman in his life who saw Camilla as an unsuitable wife.

Read on to find out who it is. (Hint: it’s not Queen Elizabeth II).

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles pictured together at an event in north London | Kirsty O’Connor – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Charles fell in love with Camilla ‘the moment he met her’

The Prince of Wales and Camilla met in the early 70s and hit it off straight away. They started seeing each other for a while until Charles left for the Royal Navy.

During the documentary Charles and Camilla: King and Queen in Waiting, Royal editor and author Katie Nicholl said: “They clicked immediately. There was chemistry between the two of them and really, I think Charles probably fell in love with Camilla from the moment he met her. In many ways, she ticked the right boxes for a future husband to the Prince of Wales.

But even Charles knew Camilla wasn’t ticking all the boxes, so he sought approval from a few people, including the woman he’d had such a close relationship with all his life.

Charles asked for a woman’s approval but she didn’t think Camilla was a bride

The Queen Mother greets Prince Charles as he arrives at Buckingham Palace for his 100th birthday

The Queen Mother greets Prince Charles as she arrives at Buckingham Palace for his 100th birthday | HUGO PHILPOTT/AFP via Getty Images

According to Nicholl, Charles sought “approval” from a few members of the royal family, particularly the Queen Mother, but was disappointed when Camilla was deemed unsuitable as a royal wife.

Nicholl explained: “It’s fair to say that the members of the Royal Family and certainly the important figures in Charles’ life – his mother, his father and the Queen Mother, whom Charles was incredibly close to and always looked up to. for advice and would certainly have wanted the stamp of approval from – they certainly didn’t think Camilla was suitable material for the royal bride.

Two of the reasons why she was not considered as such are that she did not come from a sufficient aristocratic background and at the time the royal family wanted the future king to marry a virgin, which Camilla did not was not.

Journalist and broadcaster Emily Andrews said: ‘The heir to the throne has almost always been encouraged to choose a woman who is whiter than white. And it was widely considered that Camilla had too colorful a past and was therefore too potentially troublesome.

The prince finally got his wish

Official Clarence House handout photo of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla on their wedding day

Official Clarence House handout photo of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla on their wedding day | Hugo Burnand/Pool/Getty Images

In the end, the Prince of Wales got his wish and married Camilla.

Queen Elizabeth II finally granted her son permission to marry Camilla, and they did so on April 9, 2005. The couple married in a civil ceremony, but the monarch and Prince Philip did not did not attend.

The Telegraph reported that as head of the Church of England, Charles’ mother did not go because she had to put the Church before her family’s feelings. ” I can not go there. I don’t think my position [as Supreme Governor of the Church] allow it,” she reportedly told a friend.

The Queen and Philip attended the dedication service which took place later and even hosted a wedding reception for their son and his new bride.

The Queen Mother died in 2002 so she didn’t see the day when her grandson married Camilla.

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