Photographer removes couple’s wedding photos after being refused food, social media says

A photographer deleted wedding photos after being denied a break “to eat and drink” – and it sparked a conversation on social media. According to Newsweek, the anonymous photographer posted her experience on Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole” forum. She said she worked six hours straight – as a favor to the groom and the bride – for a flat rate of $ 250, which the couple said “is nothing for an event of. 10 hours”.

“I’m not really a photographer, I’m a dog groomer,” the photographer said. “I take a lot of dog pictures all day long to put them on my Facebook and Instagram, that’s ‘my thing’ if that makes sense.”

After taking photos throughout the ceremony and reception, the woman was looking forward to dinner and a break. However, the bride and groom rejected her request. “I was told that I couldn’t stop to eat because I had to be a photographer. In fact, they didn’t reserve a seat for me at any table, ”she said. The groom also told the photographer that she couldn’t go looking for food. After reaching her tipping point, the woman deleted all the wedding photos she had taken that day.

People on social media are now talking about the incident and many people are siding with the photographer. Twitter user @uwnayna tweeted, “I don’t know what about this platform that produces the dumbest talk. Why would you want your photographer and / or videographer to eat at your wedding? “

“You can all starve your wedding photographer if you want to,” @nottramar wrote. “When those images are blurry because the photographer’s sugar was low, don’t complain. “

Social media user @RVAReid tweeted: “The groom looks like an asshole. You convince your canine groomer friend to be your wedding photographer for 8 hours. For only $ 250, no less. And refused to feed him. Why is there even an “I can see both sides” thing? “

“You should expect to feed all of your vendors including, but not limited to: DJ, photographer, wedding planner / coordinator and all subsequent coordinating staff, hairstylist, MUA. Literally all sellers. As you plan, keep a list of these in addition to your RSVPs, ”@__BHB__ tweeted.

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