Pet Peeves TV and Tired Tropes: Empty Cups, Ripped IVs, Endless Ammo

You know we love the magical world of TV, but we’ve strayed from a few TV tropes for too long. Now it’s time to draw the line.

In the past, TVLine has thoroughly investigated the infuriating #EmptyCoffeeCups phenomenon and pleaded with the Powers That Be collective to stop making the resident know-it-all say “Put it in English!”, but sadly, there are many more absurdities and inconveniences that continue to make us cringe. In the list below, we lay out all of our grievances.

From the hospital IVs that get rrrrrri out of his veins regardless, to the pounding “Ain’t This Police Investigation Costs?” soundtracks that muffle dialogue and ridiculously “no cell phone signal” alerts that our iPhones never displayed, we call them and beg the TV to STOP.

These 25+ examples listed here do not capture all TV Pet Peeve there, but due to the growing mass of repeat small-screen offenders, we had no choice but to shine a blinding light on them.

Review our list of pet peeves and tired tropes below, then speak with those driving. you craziest when cleaning your DVR and streaming.


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