Our wedding hall caught fire but the firefighters were able to save the cake

A wedding was called off for the third time when the venue caught fire as the groom greeted his guests.

James Leggett was inside with attendees and bride Amy Heath was two minutes from leaving her hotel room when the museum went up in smoke.

Police raced to evacuate everyone after the roof caught fire at We The Curious in Bristol on Saturday.

The ceremony was called off, but firefighters recovered the intact three-tiered wedding cake along with sentimental old photos of the building damaged by smoke and water.

It is understood the wedding had already been delayed twice before due to Covid.

Royal Mail HGV driver James said he was absolutely disgusted, adding: ‘We are both heartbroken but the love and support from our friends and family was unreal.

“It ended up being a great day, albeit an unconventional one.”

The nearby Hotel Bristol has set up a room for guests to enjoy drinks and wedding speeches

And footage showed two firefighters carrying the rescued cake, with the bride later cutting it.

James added: “The day was an absolute whirlwind of emotions.

“When we heard the photos and the cake had been collected and then saw the firefighters walking around the corner with it, it was just indescribable.”

Bridesmaid Grace Williams said: “Thank you to the incredible firefighters who recovered the wedding cake intact from the reception hall of what would have been James’s wedding had it not been for the fire .

James Leggett was inside with attendees when the hall caught fire.
Twitter/ @Leggett84

“They also salvaged old photos with huge sentimental value. Thank you!”

Bride Amy’s sister Kathryn Bradfield called it “the best end to an otherwise weird and crazy day”.

She added: “Her beautiful dream wedding was literally burning before her eyes. Truly amazing.

“I can’t express my sadness for Amy and James for not being able to say ‘yes’ but so proud of them both for making the best of the shitty situation.”

Solar panels on the roof of the We The Curious museum caught fire but the cause is unknown.

A major emergency service response was triggered when smoke billowed across the town and half a dozen firefighters were seen on the roof.

All staff and visitors were safely evacuated.

This story originally appeared on The sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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