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Brittany Snell poses at Studio 925. Snell recently opened the studio as a workspace and photography studio. It can be rented by the hour for anyone looking for a quiet working environment.

When it comes to photography, office work, or a special event like a bridal shower, the environment is everything, according to photographer Brittany Snell.

That’s why Snell opened Studio 925 in downtown Fort Dodge.

“I opened this studio as a photography studio, but also as a workspace so that anyone can come in and work whenever they want as a new space essentially”, said Snell, a 2015 Manson Northwest Webster High School graduate. “A lot of times photographers work from their couch in their house, and if you’re like me with two kids aged 1 and 2 it’s impossible to get the job done, so sometimes go somewhere else to work for an hour or two. is necessary.”

The studio is located at 925 Central Ave. It underwent a complete renovation in May, including new ceiling tiles, flooring, paint and interior design. Much of this was done by Snell herself. The studio opened about two weeks ago.

“Anyone can use the space as it is available for hire for a day or several days. “ Snell said. “Photographers can rent it for photoshoots, I do some of my own clients’ photoshoots there, creatives can rent it for work, it can be rented for a bridal shower, a baby shower, the possibilities are endless . ”

-Photo of the messenger by Chad Thompson

Studio 925, located at 925 Central Ave., is one of the newest downtown businesses. This is a photography studio and workspace owned by photographer Brittany Snell of Fort Dodge.

Rental rates vary depending on the length of space needed.

“It’s a photography studio and a workspace” Snell said. “If you wanted to work here for two hours in a different environment. I can rent it for just about anything I think about it – like a bridal shower, a baby shower. Open space to do anything.

Snell moved to Fort Dodge from Manson in 2021. She also owns P48 Boutique, next to her mother’s store called Homespun Collection. Snell’s photography company is Brittany Lauren Photography.

She received her first camera, a Canon Rebel, as an eighth-grade birthday present.

“I always brought it to sporting events in high school, I always had it with me”, Snell said.

-Photo of the messenger by Chad Thompson

Brittany Snell is all smiles as she demonstrates how to use Studio 925. The studio and workspace, located at 925 Central Ave., recently opened downtown.

Eventually she started doing photo shoots.

“I just started doing small shoots here and there” Snell said. “I just donated a bunch of mini sprouts and finally it grew. It was a lot of fun. I went from 14 marriages last year to 34 this year. It was crazy. I hired two associates. I think COVID really affected last year because with weddings there was no normal marriage so a lot of people waited to get married this year. “

For his photography business, Snell offers a variety of packages for senior citizen photos, weddings, engagements, and family portraits. She has been working in the field of photography for four years.

Regarding her assignments, Snell said she really liked “all.”

“Seniors are personal” she said. “It’s an important moment in their life. Weddings and engagements are also special as you capture the most important day in their life. With families, it’s fun to see the interactions between children and parents.

She enjoys her interactions with customers.

“Getting to know new people and creating a relationship with them”, Snell said. “I like people who book multiple sessions. Let’s say they had two children and then have a baby, watching them grow up as families. Weddings are so much fun because you spend all day with someone on the most important day of their life. I love people so this job is great because I can talk to people all the time.

One of her favorite things about being a photographer is when people like the photos she takes.

“When people like their photos” Snell said. “And you very rarely hear from people, so when you do, it’s a great accomplishment. We spend a lot of time – photographers spend a lot of time, not just taking pictures, but browsing and editing them that people don’t see. When people like them, it’s like my work pays off.

Snell uses social media platforms to generate ideas for photo shoots.

“I use Instagram a lot, just find other famous photographers, like what they post” Snell said. “Pinterest is a huge resource for me. There are thousands of ideas in there. There are apps you can use for poses. This is the hardest thing is to keep things fresh because you don’t want all of your photos to look the same. Other than that, he also takes a break from time to time. I’m really adamant, too, that I don’t focus on just one thing. I like to keep a broad spectrum – I do anything from newborns to families, to the elderly, to engagements, to weddings. Pretty much any idea people want pictures for me to do. I mix.

Between photography, the shop and his kids, Snell does his best to balance his schedule.

“I have two children, so they come first” she said. “I work during the nap. At night, when they go to bed, I work until about 2 a.m. every night. During weeknights I usually have two nights that I photograph and then every Saturday I have a wedding. I think I had eight free Saturdays this year. The free moments that I have, I like to spend with my children, but when they sleep, I work.

Snell has his eye on the location of 925 Central Ave. for quite some time, she said.

“I knew that this space had been available for a long time”, she said. “One day I walked past, called and signed the lease that day.”

Snell likes the direction downtown is heading.

“Central Avenue, they bring it back to life so I thought it would be a good place”, Snell said. “And Fort Dodge has more business opportunities than some small towns. There is a larger population. And it is more central. I have people who rent in Des Moines and Algona.

Snell sees Studio 925 as a place for photographers to come together.

“It’s a place where we can all work and do our thing” Snell said. “I think about the photography industry so much, people think it’s competition. But a space like this, I wanted to share a space that was more community than competitive. My biggest thing is that I’ve wanted a studio for about three years. I have been doing photography for 4 years. Just because there have been so many times that over time you can’t shoot outside. This eliminates the need to reschedule a shoot. This gives a backup plan.

The space offers a variety of people another option for working in a controlled environment.

“If you’re an artist or work from home and need a break away from home, if you’re a student and want a place to work, this would be a good space for someone. “ Snell said. “If you just need to be away for a few hours, it’s quiet. Play some music, relax a bit. I want to have something this summer like a yoga morning, get someone to come and teach yoga. I think that would be fun.

Snell plans to have a grand opening for Studio 925 in August.

For more information on Snell’s services, email [email protected]

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