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From their first date to their honeymoon and beyond, this Charlotte couple’s life has been filled with surprises.

Bride: Jalitha Jarrett, 41, Uptown Community Manager – Charlotte Center City Partners, from Spartanburg, SC

Young married man: Lawrence Jarrett, 44, Project Manager – Bank of America, from Jersey City, New Jersey

Current residence: Charlotte, North Carolina

Wedding date: January 22, 2022

Place: Founders Hall – Charlotte, North Carolina

how they met

(Laurent) I moved to Charlotte to be closer to my family. I was new in town and was looking to date Jalitha on a dating app. When I first saw her profile, she had photos in different environments. In a dress she looked remarkable. At a sporting event, she had this big, beautiful smile. She was very attractive, and to use a cliché, from what I’ve seen and read, she was my type. We just chatted on the phone for a bit and then I took care of my new job, the move and everything. Then my mother and my brother were very sick and we kind of lost contact.

Six months later, my life had slowed down and I said, “Hey, I have time. Let me reconnect and go on a few dates. When I logged back in, I saw it was still on the app. We reconnected and when we started chatting, I said, “I think we’ve talked to each other before. Actually, I think I still have your number. She said, “Well, prove it.” I called her, and it was off to the races. We scheduled our first meeting.

(Jalita) When I saw his profile, my first reaction was, “Oh, he’s cute. He seems to like having fun. From his photos, you could tell he had traveled a lot and had one of those infectious personalities. He looked interesting.

First date

(Laurent) We first met at Nuvole Rooftop Twenty-Two, a rooftop bar in the epicenter. She was from Diner en Blanc and explained that she would wear all white. I don’t know what made me do this, but I had to wear black.

(Jalita) I was so nervous. I didn’t want to meet him on my own, so I had a few of my friends that I went to Diner en Blanc with me. They were important people in my life, so I told them, “You all have to come with me. No, if, and or but about it. I wanted to kind of check his temperature and see how he was acting with my friends. I remember seeing him come in. I told them, “Oh my God, it’s him. He would have the audacity to wear all black and we all have all white. He came with his Jersey swag and really won my friends over. I was intrigued by the conversation we had. I knew I wanted to know more about him.

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Jarrett

It’s the right one”

(Laurent) I knew after about a year of dating that she was the one for me. I just felt it. But I was single by nature. I was 37 and had spent a lot of time alone. I couldn’t see myself getting into anything serious unless everything was superb. It was a big deal.

I am also a man of faith. I remember one day when she was at my house, I was sitting on the counter and she came around the corner. Christians would say God spoke to me, I just felt that anointing saying, “She’s your wife.” I couldn’t fight him anymore. At that point, I was completely convinced it was her, and from then on, I started planning the engagement in my head.

(Jalitha) I think I was trying to fight it too. I was intrigued by him and wanted to date him. I was sure he was interesting, handsome, and I loved talking and spending time with him. But these thoughts sometimes cross your mind.

I think it was when I left Charlotte and came home to Spartanburg that I knew it was him. I was sitting on my bed after texting and saying my prayers. It was almost like a whisper. God said, “This is your husband.” I was like, “Whoa, pump the brakes, my God. We are still getting to know each other. But he kept whispering to me, “That’s what you prayed for.” After praying and spending more time with Lawrence, I realized that I didn’t want to spend my life with anyone other than him.


(Laurent) A funny thing happened before the proposal. I knew I had to talk to her mother and ask for Jalitha’s hand in marriage. I met his mother in a restaurant in Spartanburg and told her that God had spoken to me and said that Jalitha was your wife. Her mother didn’t seem impressed. She asked me how I knew it was God and if I was really sure he had told me. Finally, she said, “If you marry my daughter, I will definitely take you as my son.”

When the check for our meal arrived, I was about to pull out my card, and her mother started searching her purse for money to pay for her share. I assured her that I would take care of everything, but she continued to search her bag. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but as she was rummaging through her purse, she pulls out a gun and puts it on the table. Maybe I was overreacting, but I was like, “Whoa.” I haven’t laughed at her about it yet, but I will soon.

After getting her mother’s approval, I got busy planning the proposal. A surprise 40and the birthday party had already been organized for Jalitha. With the help of his nephew and his friends, I decided to add my own surprise. The plan was to turn off the lights while everyone sang happy birthday to her. When they came back, I was on my knees, ready to propose. To say she was surprised is an understatement. You have to see his answer for yourself.

(Jalitha) I was completely surprised. He did a very good job. I was happy for a surprise 40th birthday party and happy to see my friends. When the lights came on, I was completely shocked.

wedding organization

(Jalitha) The wedding planning itself was very peaceful. We went into planning saying we didn’t want to go into debt. Anything we couldn’t afford, we really didn’t need. By the grace of God, we were able to afford the wedding of our dreams. We also decided that it would be a peaceful process. We’re not going to worry about this wedding. Everything that comes, it comes; and whatever happens, it happens. We’re going to be at peace, because at the end of the day, we’re married somehow.

The wedding

(Jalita) We had some concerns in the days leading up to the wedding as snow had been forecast and we weren’t sure our guests would show up. Fortunately, the morning of our wedding was clear and we were surprised by the number of guests who attended.

Our wedding was very traditional and simple. We wrote our own vows, but we didn’t perform many rituals like in most weddings. One of the moments I will never forget was walking in. As I got closer to Lawrence, I saw that he was crying and I started to cry. When we finally got to the altar, we were both sniffling. Then I felt my nephew walking me down the aisle, and his shoulder started shaking. I realized he was crying too. It was a very special moment that we all shared.

(Laurent) I would have been satisfied to go down to the courthouse. As long as I was going to marry this wonderful woman, I would have been happy. Then I started thinking about the people who had invested in us all these years and who wished us well. We just wanted it to be a special day for them. Founders Hall was magical, with the art on the ceiling and the marble floors. The staff was also great.

During cocktail hour, our guest played a North vs. South musical game. There were two special moments for me. One was when we put the rings on and they said Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett. The second is when I thought I had lost the wedding ring. I thought I gave it to the wedding planner, but later realized I left it at my mom’s house for safekeeping.

Photo credit: Photography by Jérémie


(Jalita) We left for Punta Cana, Dominican Republic after taking a day off. The first two days we relaxed, walking around the resort, chatting and soaking up the sun. The resort was beautiful. The sand, the waves and everything was wonderful. After a few days we left the resort and did some excursions, like driving mountain bikes through the villages.

(Laurent) We also rented a scooter. It was supposed to be really romantic, having my sweetheart on your back and me trying to act like I’d ridden a scooter before. We hit the highway and I found people driving with a sense of urgency I had never seen. They break their own traffic laws and drive around 100 mph. I thought it was going to be the most romantic and sweet thing, but I ended up driving on the shoulder of the road, because those people drive like crazy there.

(Jalithia) The honeymoon has continued, even since our return home. I can’t stop bragging about my husband. He’s a wonderful person. I told Lawrence I wanted clam chowder. My birthday was March 2 and he surprised me. We were both working from home that day when he said, “You have an hour to get ready, or we’re going to miss our flight.” That night we were in Boston, eating clam chowder and lobster rolls.

(Lawrence) I am starting a chapter of my life with the woman I love and we are happy to be in Charlotte. My grandparents met and fell in love in the old Charlotte neighborhood of Brooklyn. We look forward to getting involved and giving back to the community. It’s like coming home.

Marriage advice to others

(Jalita) Think about it peacefully despite all the planning, the headaches you may have, all the family, friends and other people who offer their advice. Just know that you know what you want. Be intentional about your guest list. Invite people who support you and who will support you in your marriage for years and years to come.

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Photo credit: Photography by Jérémie

Their sellers

Photographer: Jeremy’s photography

Place: Bank of America Founders Hall

Wedding planner: Elienne Anorsicat

Coordinator’s Day: Lucika Suarez

Event decoration: Creatively Designed Events LLC

DJ and host: DJ Miller Tyme

Bandaged: 7 souled bands

Photo booth: 360 Memories Experience Rotation

Rehearsal dinner: Chef Omar Alexander – Boast Catering

Caterer: Best Catering Impressions

Cake: Jenauri Vegan Bakery

Bride’s dress: Married Anjolica

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