On our wedding day, I found my husband cheating on a colleague – he took her to our new house, which I had paid for

THERE’S A REASON the adage “always follow your intuition” is so popular.

When you have a bad feeling about a situation, it usually means that something else is going on, as was the case with a woman who was getting married.

The woman revealed in a video that she grew doubtful in the days leading up to her wedding.

“I just didn’t feel comfortable with things, like ‘something is wrong,'” she explained.

She claimed that she and her fiancé had recently been spending more time with his co-workers and that there was “something wrong” with her fiancé’s friendship with one of his female colleagues.

When she asked her fiancé if something was wrong, he called her ‘crazy’ and told her they had to postpone their wedding, which was in five days, because she didn’t trust him enough .

The woman was taken by surprise by her fiancé and she said she felt ‘her whole life was falling apart’ at the time.

Her family and marriage counselors were sure everything was fine, but the lady said: “I’m like, ‘there’s something wrong’, I just felt it, I knew it.”

Because the woman’s boyfriend claimed she was the reason they weren’t getting married, the couple opted to stay together and postpone their wedding while they “build trust”.

It turned out that the woman’s instinct that something was wrong was correct.

The day they were to get married, the lady arrives at the house she had bought for them and discovers her fiancé in a precarious situation.

For context, the woman said she was still living with her parents while her fiancé lived in the new house until their wedding day, but she was the one who paid the deposit while her boyfriend did not. didn’t.

As a result, when she met her naked fiancé in the living room, he was surprised.

The woman then discovered her fiancé’s colleague, who was also married, putting his clothes in the bedroom.

To make matters worse, the lady claimed her boyfriend bought her a $500,000 life insurance policy when he was cheating on her.

It took the lady nearly a year to reclaim her home from her ex-fiancé, who had by then moved in with a DIFFERENT colleague.

Looking back on the incident, the woman said she has come a long way since then.

“Thanks to this experience, I learned a lot about myself, I changed a lot… but I am much better today than before,” she said.

People in the comments section were eager to express their support for the woman, writing: “It was a horrible experience but wow did you dodge a bullet.”

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