Mia Khalifa is an ardent Beyoncé fan

Star Mia Khalifa proved it with a series of social media posts supporting the singer. Famous artist Beyoncé’s latest album is called Lemonade. ‘

There are many references in the album regarding the alleged infidelity of singer Jay-Z’s husband. Beyoncé has a huge following and most of them are appalled by the eventful marriage life of their favorite star. One of those ardent fans is the American star Mia Khalifa.

In a number of social media posts, the Lebanese-American star has offered his support to the troublemaker. That’s not all. She also shared a collage of images that predicted that a despised woman could ultimately become her own worst enemy.

Mia Khalifa used a photo of the singer as a point of reference. On this photo Beyonce can be seen in a very destructive mood with a baseball bat in his hands.

The young star uploaded Photo which shows a woman yelling at her partner. This is perhaps another reference to lemonade. However, Mia Khalifa made another post which served as a wrongful accusation. Obviously, the most wanted star has confused two celebrities: fashion designer Rachel Roy and chef Rachael Ray.

The latter of the two would be the woman who was in a relationship with Jay-Z. It is very interesting that several other Beyoncé fans made the same mistake and even though Chef Becky was the woman referred to in Beyoncé’s new song “sorry”.

When Rachael Ray posted a photo of barbecue chips and salad to her social media account, Beyoncé fans assumed she was Becky and was having an affair with Jay-Z.

Fervent Beyoncé fans are deluding themselves that Roy was in fact the “Becky with the beautiful hair”. The reason for this misunderstanding was that the fashion designer shared a photo on her social media account with the caption:

“Good hair doesn’t care, but we’ll always take good lighting for selfies or self-truths. “

The post on Instagram caused a frenzy among fans of the singer. Although the post was immediately deleted, Beyoncé fans targeted Roy with numerous hate messages. Roy immediately replied that she would not tolerate any form of bullying from anyone.

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