Melbourne bride gets her hair cut at a wedding reception

A Melbourne bride has left her husband and 200 wedding guests in shock after making a bold move leaving many ‘speechless’.

A bride has left her groom and guests in shock after deciding to have her hair cut halfway through her reception.

Luciana, 27, from Melbourne, married her beau James, 28, in May this year.

And while some brides might choose to quickly change costumes for the reception, Luciana decided to take it a step further.

While her 200 guests and her hubby enjoyed their entrance and danced to the beat of the music, Luciana snuck into her bridal suite bathroom to give her long locks a solid chop.

“I had kittens when she told me she wanted to cut her hair,” Luciana’s hairstylist Brooke Murray told

“If it didn’t go well, we were going to be in trouble.”

Not only did it turn out perfectly, Luciana told Brooke that the 25-minute cut was the most “incredible” hairstyle she’s ever had.

Luciana, who had to postpone her wedding due to Covid restrictions, previously sported a short bob, but in the past two years it has grown out from under her shoulders.

In a TikTok shared by the Essendon hairstylist, Luciana can be seen in the bathroom surrounded by her bridesmaids, photographer and videographer undergoing the bold new look.

The clip went viral, amassing six million views in just one week.

“I had to put on my game face and block everyone around me,” Brooke told

And in just under half an hour, it was all over.

Brooke captioned the clip, “When your beautiful bride decides to go for the chop in the middle of her wedding reception.”

The footage then shows Luciana with her long hair, before Brooke starts cutting it just above her shoulders.

Her bridesmaids can be seen in the background walking away as Luciana undergoes the stunning new look.

Brooke styles Luciana’s hair with a straightener and completes the bob with a touch of hairspray.

“I was so happy with how it turned out,” Brooke told

“I told Luciana not to be surprised if she had to come back the next day for touch-ups. But she didn’t have to. She messaged me from her honeymoon (Maldives) saying she can’t believe how amazing it turned out.

Brooke’s music video drew hundreds of comments describing it as a “coup”.

“It’s so iconic,” wrote one TikTok user.

“I can’t imagine how stunning the photos were to have these two hairstyles on the real wedding day!” said another.

A third added: “That’s a lot of courage.”

While some were asking how Luciana found the time to do this at her reception, Brooke hopped into the comments section and explained that the bride “ate during her haircut.”

“His whole team has it covered.”

While Brooke said she “felt the pressure” and “the stress was intense,” she said it was “so much fun.”

She then shared another TikTok of Luciana surprising James and his hundreds of guests with her new do.

It showed Luciana walking towards the dance floor where James had his back turned waiting to have their first dance.

“Everyone was obsessed,” Brooke said. “Her husband loved it and the reaction from his guests was priceless.”

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