Matthew McConaughey’s bestselling memoir suggests why he could become Texas’ next governor

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Memoirs of Matthew McConaughey Green light topped Amazon’s bestseller list this week and has remained on bestseller lists since its release in October 2020 – surviving other recent high-profile memoir – underscoring the actor’s enduring popularity then that he is considering a potential run for governor of Texas.


McConaughey’s book – a compilation of his diaries – has been on Amazon’s non-fiction bestseller list for the 36th week in a row, with most weeks taking first or second place.

Green light was also # 4 on the New York Times‘for combined sales of print and electronic materials – its 36th week on this list as well – and is No. 6 on the the Wall Street newspaperthe list of hardcover non-fiction works.

Other recently published memoir only lasted on Amazon’s bestseller list for a fraction of Green light‘, including books by Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg (seven weeks), Kobe Bryant (four weeks), Dolly Parton (two weeks), Jerry Seinfeld (two weeks) and Mariah Carey (three weeks).

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312,496. That’s the number of printed copies of Greenlights sold so far in 2021 through June 26, according to NPD BookScan data released by Publishers Weekly.

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McConaughey has yet to embark on a gubernatorial race, claiming the Ellen in May, running for the job was “something that I try to look in the eye and honestly consider”. “Where am I most useful to the greatest number of people and to myself and my family? McConaughey added, however, noting that he might be “more useful as a free agent in another position.” If he does show up, however, polls have shown he would be a viable candidate for the role. A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 41% of Texas voters wanted McConaughey to run for governor, including a slim majority of Democrats and Independents, putting him on par with former Rep. Beto O’Rourke and just below the 46% of voters who believe Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to be re-elected. McConaughey also had the lowest unfavorable rating of any potential gubernatorial candidate at 20%, while his favorable rating of 42% was just behind Abbott’s.

Key context

McConaughey won an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club and is known for his work in the television show Real detective and in many other films such as Dazed and confused, Magic mike, the wolf of Wall Street, The wedding planner and How to lose a guy in 10 days. The actor, who is based in Austin, launched a governorship since last year, telling radio host Hugh Hewitt in November 2020 that he would not rule out the idea. “I mean, it wouldn’t be up to me,” McConaughey said. “It would depend more on the people than on me. However, it is unclear how the actor would be affiliated if he ran for governor, as McConaughey describes his views as “aggressively centrist.” Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, said the party would “welcome” the actor if he chose to run as a Democrat.

Key context

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