Matthew McConaughey reveals why he quit rom-com

Matthew McConaughey may still add acting credits to his name, but there is one genre he’s straying from. After starring in several romantic comedies in the span of just a decade – including The wedding planner, How to lose a guy in 10 days, Launch error, Fool’s gold, and Ghosts from Girlfriends Past – the actor said he’s officially done with romantic comedies and has a very sweet reason for his decision.

Talk to AARP of his decision to enter his next era without romantic comedies, which he called his “McConnaissance,” the 51-year-old actor remembers “saying,” Eff the bucks, I’m going for the experience. Widely known as the ‘romantic comedy guy’ at the time, McConaughey said he ‘loved making them, and they paid off,’ even though his life was turning around. He “found the love of my life” in his wife, Camila Alves, whom he married in 2012, and they “had a newborn baby”. McConaughey said: “There is a certain buoyancy in romantic comedies that is not hanging your hat on humanity, like a drama,” and at this time in his life he “was going very far … and I wanted to do a job that reflected my personal vitality. “

The decision to quit romantic comedies led to struggles, McConaughey admitted, because “whatever pay cut I took, the dramas were not offered to me.” Although some “thought I was out of my panicked mind,” the actor told his wife “if we’re going to do this, we’re not going to do half of this.” “To his encouragement, McConaughey” quit “and” went on sabbatical away from Hollywood. I said no to all the romantic comedy scripts that came my way. I turned one down for $ 14.5 million. “Finally,” word got around Hollywood, I had done that, and they said, “McConaughey isn’t bluffing. Stop sending him romantic comedies!” “” After almost two years, and the actor resigned himself to the fact that “it was time for a new chapter in my life,” offers started pouring in. The actor said he “had changed his name during these two years and then change their name. Suddenly I became a new original idea. Dramas came my way, and I jumped on it. “

Although McConaughey is done with romantic comedies, he is also considering a new venture. Over the past few months, the actor has teased his potential to enter the political arena, which he has opened up again. AARP. The actor has said that in his next chapter he will “step into a kind of leadership position,” although at the moment he “doesn’t know what it is yet. Politics? Another book? A ministry ? ” He said his goal was to “help others” as we “come out of a time of limbo and evolution, as a people and as a nation. We need to unite and have some kind of unity – I think everyone can agree that we can use this. “

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