Martha Kalifatidis wants Celebrity Apprentice star as wedding planner


Shortly after the Celebrity Apprentice, comedian Ross, who was known for his original, non-traditional approach to tasks, said his co-stars would reject him on the show.

“Obviously people say my ideas are crazy, but most of the time I’d be sitting there saying ‘I’m the voice of reason in all of this.’ If I’m the voice of reason at the table, we are in trouble! ” he said WHO shortly after the final.

“There were early tasks where I was like ‘Wait, we’re on the wrong track here’ and I would voice my concerns and then I was kind of ignored and it would happen a lot, people would say ‘He’s just crazy’ and then we would follow my idea and we would win the job or we would lose the job and Lord Sugar would say in the boardroom ‘Did anyone suggest that?’ and they were like ‘Oh yeah Ross did it.’ “

“All I wanted was if you were right or wrong, just commit.”

Maybe wedding planning would be the perfect career?



Earlier this month, Martha and Michael, who met in season six of MAFS, exclusively told WHO when their wedding will take place.

“We get asked this question every day on social media and I tell people, ‘You’ll be the last to find out, but you’ll find out,'” Michael revealed.

“I understand why people are so invested. They saw the moment we first laid eyes on each other and they followed our relationship, for everyone a real marriage is naturally the next step. there, I understand, I I am very aware of it. “


WHO / Philip Castleton

However, don’t expect the proposal to be a flashy affair as Martha is hoping for something casual and has been thinking more about life in five to 10 years.

“I would love a nice town house and a place in the countryside, we’ll do both. We’ll have a little vacation home in the middle of the hills somewhere really cool and quaint and I hope we run our own businesses and “we have a child or two. I have a walk-in closet, separate bathrooms…” she thought.

“I could go on and on. I think a nice little family would be a great place to start. Not for a little while, but we still have a lot to do.”

WATCH BELOW: MAFS ‘Michael Makes Martha Believe He Shaved His Beard

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