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OK, so you’re the best man at a friend’s wedding. You are one of 35 people in the case delayed by the pandemic after surviving the necessary reduction of the original guest list because you played an “integral role” – in the words of the groom – in the life of the couple over the past 10 years, whether personally, professionally, or both.

It’s wedding day, and the groom turned off his phone to focus on the big day. But yours is always on because, damn it, you’re not the one getting married. Now there is a lot of waiting time in the hours leading up to a wedding while all the final preparations are underway. So you casually take your phone out of your pocket and start scrolling through Twitter. So you see it: the groom’s employer has decided that his services are no longer needed. Not only that, but your employer has sent the groom halfway across the continent for a new job at a new company, and he has to accept the move whether he likes it or not.

So… you tell him?

“My buddies are pretty good,” Calvin de Haan said with a laugh. “I don’t think they would have turned things around before the speeches, at least.”

Fortunately for de Haan, this tweet never appeared. That call from his agent – or Stan Bowman, or the Seattle Kraken, or any of the other 30 teams in the league – never came. This life-changing transaction never happened. There were no beans to spill and de Haan’s marriage to longtime partner Brittany went off without a hitch.

“One of the best days of my life,” he said.

But boy, was it a little hairy in there.

De Haan got married on July 23, the evening of the first round of the

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