Marble Range CWA Group meets in Elliston | Port Lincoln weather

Members of the Marble Range Country Women`s Association recently gathered at the Elliston Sports Complex.

Group President Julie Heath greets the ladies, with a special welcome to guest speaker, State Marketing Group coordinator, Jenny Holland.

Reports from group managers and individual affiliates gave details of how members had handled the COVID restrictions. Through communication, many ideas had emerged on how they introduced ways to keep in touch and raise funds, as well as to organize meetings.

Everyone was thrilled that Table Day 2021 could take place, won by host branch Elliston, allowing members to come together. State projects were supported by members who donated property and attended state meetings.

Guest speaker Jenny Holland is a member of the Stirling branch, enjoys reading, quilting, walking and gardening, and is married with five children.

The marketing group has had a busy time in 2020, being involved in a number of projects, such as knitting for those in need, such as Loxcare (in Loxton) and West Coast.Youth and Community Support in Port Lincoln , who very much appreciate knitted items provides them.

Along with fundraising opportunities for the association, such as the cancellation of the Adelaide Show, many other ideas were put forward, such as SA Masters Landscapers, Pop Up Shop, Open Gardens Festival and Adelaide Food Fringe.

During this event, the Marketing Committee organized “A Curious Culinary Quiz Night”. This was all a huge success for the association, which partnered with Foodland Supermarkets and the Royal Adelaide Show to host the ‘Mighty South Australian Cake Off’ as well as a scone order.

Dianne Watson presented Jenny with a gift of appreciation from the band members.

Ronda Glover is retiring from the role of Group Handicrafts Manager after 18 years in that position and attending state craft schools in Adelaide. His outstanding contribution to the craft industry was highly appreciated by the members of Marble Range. Dianne Watson gave him a thank you gift.

All the other officers were re-elected. Julie Heath will once again lead the group as president, with Dianne Watson as secretary-treasurer. Vicki Hull was reinstated as Craft Agent, Gladys Hall as Art Agent and Jennifer Kay as Publicity Agent.

The members enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by the members of Elliston. The 2022 group table was discussed during the general assembly, which will be held on April 28.

The Tooligie branch will host the day at Karkoo Kooplex, with the theme “Remembering grandmother”. The Group’s AGM will be held in August (date to be specified), hosted by the Karkoo branch.

Craft schools were scheduled for September 6 and 20 in Cummins. Valerie Hill of the Cummins branch thanked the Elliston members for their gracious and friendly hospitality.

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