Lord John Mann joins the Advisory Board of the Anti-Semitism Movement

British politician and anti-Semitic Lord adviser John mann has joined the advisory board of the monitoring organization Combat Anti-Semitism Movement (CAM), the group said Thursday. Mann is considered one of the main voices against anti-Semitism in the UK and has been widely praised for his efforts. He previously served in the House of Commons in the Labor Party, but resigned in 2019 after accusing then party leader Jeremy Corbyn of “giving the green light to anti-Semites”, and asked him to resign ” for the sake of the Labor Party “. . “Corbyn resigned from his leadership post after his party failed to dethrone the outgoing Conservative party in the UK general election. Mann was inducted into the House of Lords in October 2019 to serve as the new Independent Advisor on Anti-Semitism, where he was inducted by his colleague and former British Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks.

Since then, he has continued to serve as a spokesperson against anti-Semitism. “The battle against anti-Semitism has not only played a major role in my public life. It is also a question that fascinates me personally. The disease of anti-Semitism is not just a problem for Jewish communities, it is a destructive force for all of society. why the work of the Anti-Semitism Movement to recruit and bring people together in this fight is so important. I am honored to join an advisory board, which includes so many exceptional names from around the world. I look forward to contributing to the great work they are already doing. “We are delighted to welcome Lord John Mann to our Advisory Board,” said CAM Director Sacha Roytman-Dratwa. “His determination to fight anti-Semitism for so many years himself. He set an exceptional example for parliamentarians and decision-makers around the world. Quite simply, Lord Mann is one of the world’s most admired figures in the fight against anti-Semitism. fight against anti-Semitism. Other notable members of the advisory board include Jewish Agency President Isaac Herzog, human rights icon and former Jewish Agency President Natan Sharansky, former US Senator Joe Lieberman, Mayor of Frankfurt Uwe Becker, Lord Eric Pickles and Ruth Wisse, Harvard scholar.Aaron Reich contributed to this report.

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