Lifetime’s For Love Or Murder: Everything You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Watch

This time around, we’ve brought a story for you that has already hit screens. It focuses on the theme of criminality and various other elements of a real drama. So to sum up this whole statement, this is a thriller where you could see a lot of new mysteries unfold. So before we move elsewhere, let’s get a feel for the main plot of this movie.

Introduction to lifelines for love or murder!

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Tom Shell makes this extraordinary work of art, and this film is also titled Wedding and Wedding. The story of the film revolves around the character named Angie, who is a wedding planner. But to his misfortune, his parents are faced with an accident that completely turns his world upside down. And this funeral brings her closer to her brother named Michael and her fiancée, Olivia.

Events begin to turn suspicious when Angie learns that Olivia has killed her ex-husband. Although, as we know, it was only a suspicion when one of the bridesmaids who told her this information meets her death, it becomes a basis for suspense.

On the other hand, Angie takes the initiative to put everything back in order by exposing the bride-to-be, and for this reason, she is ready to take whatever action is necessary. The creator put the basic elements of cinematography into the film very effectively, making every scene look beautiful and real. The tension between the bride and Angie can be noticed as the wedding preparations continue.

To see or not?

Many fans had several questions in mind about the film. One of the most famous is: Is the movie based on a true story? But to be very clear, it is not based on any actual event. Rather, it’s fictional art. It’s all thanks to the amazing creative team who made the film a reality through their hard work. There are various places in the movie that have been obscured and can be seen in the background.

The film serves as a good plot line where the main theme seems to be the main source of attention. However, the real villain’s intentions could have been held together for a bit longer, which could have given an amazing twist. But overall, the movie is definitely worth a try.

When and where can we watch it?

Life is for love or murder
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Let’s move on to the movie’s release date, so you can catch up with it. 22 October 2021. On top of that, if you are looking for platforms that you can watch it on with the Lifetime channel, you can also choose from Philo (which comes with a free trial), FuboTV, and Sling.

The cast of Lifetime’s For Love Or Murder!

The film consists of an exceptionally talented cast, which includes Maddison Bullock like Olivia, Benoit Mazurek like Michel, Triana browne like Morgane, Cody Bagshaw (Levi), Ryan Francois (Detective Hasler), Danielle Montreal (Renée), and Drew Pollock (Howard). Apart from those we have, Kaye Brownlee-France (Dani), Emily Hileman (Ashland), Meghan Mccall (Erika), Johnny horn (John Porter), and Barbara sandlin (Bella Porter).

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