Lesbian brides find out they chose the same wedding dress on D-Day, see their reaction

Casey and Tracy Marciezyk | Photo credit: Facebook


  • Casey and Tracy Marciezyk secretly chose the same wedding dress
  • The bride and groom realized they had chosen the same white dresses but decided to keep it a secret
  • Dramatic ‘first glimpse’ images of brides have gone viral on social media

Two brides arrived at their wedding dressed in the same gown and their “first look” reaction will melt you.

Casey and Tracy Marciezyk secretly found their “perfect dress” on the same shopping spree. When their families realized that they had chosen the same white dress, they decided to keep it a secret.

Photos of Casey and Tracy’s dramatic ‘first look’ have gone viral on social media. Casey, 30, spun Tracy, 38, just before Casey’s mother yelled, “Hey, same dress!” The brides then looked at each other and burst out laughing.

lesbian brides

They had discussed how they could arrive at their wedding reception wearing the same dress. After being “put off” for a while, brides found it funny.

“We were scared that this would happen and we even made jokes about it, but we thought ‘no our wedding party would never allow that to happen”, ”said Tracy, as quoted by Mirror.

lesbian brides

“At first I was about 6/10 because that’s one of the worst things you can imagine at your lesbian marriage, and that’s probably why Casey is doing Chris Pratt’s face,” a- she added, referring to a meme from the Parks and Recreation TV show.

She continued, “Casey’s mom was making a big deal out of that first look and we didn’t understand why everyone wanted to be there, but now we know. They did it right!”

lesbian brides

The only difference between the two dresses was the suspenders that Tracy asked to add to her dress.

“Every time we look at the photos we laugh. We still can’t believe this happened, but it turned out to be such a good and happy accident. It adds an extra element to the day,” he said. said Tracy.

lesbian brides

The reception was held at the Foster Country Club, Rhode Island, US on August 13, however, the photos only recently went viral after photographer Stacey Smith shared them online.

The couple met in January 2016 and officially got married in June. Due to the restrictions related to the Covid, they chose the date of August to celebrate with family and friends.

lesbian brides

The photos are captioned: “When you first see each other and realize you both chose the exact same dress. I guess it’s safe to say they’re meant to be together! From great minds [think alike]! BEST ‘FIRST LOOK’ EVER! “

One user said, “Their faces are priceless! I can hear the photographs. Another wrote: “Oh my gosh that’s so funny. I think it’s safe to say they’re in sync.”

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