Judy Greer’s net worth is surprisingly low for someone with over 150 film and TV credits

We often associate celebrities – especially established actors – with excessive fortunes. Between work pay, endorsements, and potential profit-sharing deals, many stars have racked up net worths that are nothing short of mind-blowing.

These extremely high-paying roles can give us the false impression that everyone with substantial work under their belt is raking the dough, but these headline-grabbing numbers are often the exception, not the rule.

For a clearer picture of what a successful but not necessarily financially stunning career in Hollywood looks like, just take a look at Judy Greer’s net worth.

Judy Greer started acting in 1997

Many stars take on lower-paying gigs in their early days, and we’ve all heard the stories of hopeful potential actors moonlighting as bartenders and servers while they keep their fingers crossed for their big break. That’s not Greer’s story, though. At this point, Greer is a well-established actress who’s taken on major roles alongside high-impact co-stars and has over 150 credits under her belt.

As IMDb shows, she began her acting career in 1997 with a prominent role in the thriller disaster. Some television spots and small roles (such as “Erin the File Girl” in What women Want) dot his filmography, but Greer’s penchant for big roles was gaining momentum. In 2001, she was in The wedding plannerand 2004 saw her in 13 Ongoing 30. She also played Maggie Lang in the The ant Man franchised for years.

As for the small screen, she had recurring roles on Miss Guided, Crazy Loveand two and a half men.

She remained constantly busy on television and in film for decades. She has more than 150 credits to her credit.

What is Judy Greer’s net worth?

Judy Greer | Rich Fury/FilmMagic

You’d think that with such a deep filmography Greer would have amassed quite a fortune, but that’s not really the case. As Celebrity Net Worth reports, Greer is worth around $5 million. Certainly an achievement and a sign of significant wealth, this sum still barely scratches the surface of the truly staggering salaries of the stars who make the headlines of their work.

Greer has also found ways to fit her career into both her personal life and her philanthropic endeavors. Married to producer Dean E. Johnson (who worked on shows like politically incorrect and Real time with Bill Maher), she is the stepmother of two children. She also has a passion for animals and sits on the board of Project Chimps, a sanctuary that cares for former research chimpanzees.

Judy Greer remembers the unique characters she played years ago

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While Greer’s impressive resume has certainly put her in a position to rub shoulders with some very famous stars, she’s usually not in a starring role herself. In fact, this state was somewhat derided during funny and die in a short film called “Judy Greer is the best friend”.

Greer is a good sport about his seemingly perpetual role as a sidekick and has spent time reflecting on past roles on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. As Cohen reads a list of movies, Paul Fieg has to perform “Was Judy in It?” The game shows how well Greer has tackled small plays over the years.

While that status wouldn’t land Greer on many movie posters, it certainly gave him a stable and successful career. In fact, she has several projects going right now with roles in hollywood star girl and gringa listed as completed and pending publication. Upcoming television appearances include The White House Plumbers and The first lady.

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