Jasmine Rae, #1 wedding cake designer, sets herself apart by providing hands-on customer service with customers to spark the imagination

Jasmine Rae

Rather than a perfectly executed predefined design, I view my deliverable as a process”

— Jasmine Rae

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — How is Jasmine Rae different?

“A practice theory is something I have that very few other pastry chefs have,” Rae says. “It’s a phrase I’ve adopted from the field of psychology to describe the set of rules I adhere to in my work. It informs my creative choices both at the design stage and during execution. Most other cake makers design from photographs, even “interpreting” a fashionable outfit, piece of pottery, or someone else’s art form into a cake version of the original image. “.

Rae continues, “For me, my work should be the result of a combination of sources, seen over time, absorbed into my soma and moved to the rhythm and ethereal quality of my own nature. My techniques should be produced organically, not by planning or premeditation, but by letting something happen on its own, then deciding what to include, where to put it, and surrendering to whatever happens, resolutely defending its beauty, whether familiar or not. the cake that I put there.”

Jasmine Rae was born in San Francisco in 1981. After formal art training, a mural painting business, and a BA in cognitive science, she opened her baking studio in 2006, then simultaneously returned to school for a master’s degree in psychology. Rae is often asked if and how her mastery contributes to her baking business. Rae said it’s hugely relevant to her work and her life, in part because it’s now part of her identity, a trained sensitivity tool, with a social justice lens. It influences the creative process both in cake making and working with real people.

“Rather than a perfectly executed pre-designed design, I view my deliverable as a process,” Rae continues. “I gather as much information as possible from the client, absorb it through my own perspective and experience, and then create from there. I’m not the right fit for everyone.”

Jasmine Rae’s cake creations are whimsical, organic, surprising, even austere, like a diaphanous sheet of rice or an explosion of sugar. @JasmineRaeCakes creates art around the world including Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, etc.

“I think there’s a certain level of preparation required to become an artist,” Rae says. “Rules are there to help students improve their skills; when I was willing to reject tradition and convention, I found freedom. It was an identity transformation for me, and it happened about eight years after the start of my company. The natural process is at the heart of my work; I rely on experienced hands to place my materials and take pleasure in their surprises; I abandon myself to the contortion of a petal of rice paper as it dries, and I constantly respond to the cake that is forming. replaying the parts of myself that coincide with you, your vision, and your celebration in my mind until we come to a personal outcome and authentic.I think art should reveal the hand of the artist.

Take lessons from Jasmine Rae and/or schedule a cake consultation for your wedding or special event. Follow Jasmine Rae on Instagram @JasmineRaeCakes.

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