Ivey Lane highly recommended at Bride’s Choice Awards | Forbes lawyer

Every wedding is magic for Caitlyn Bray of Forbes of Ivey Lane Photography.

It’s an incredible honor to be elected by the bride and groom you work with, Caitlyn said as she celebrated the honor announced at an online awards ceremony this week.

It’s even more special to have found so much joy in your field just three years after running your own business.

Caitlyn started Ivey Lane Photography about three years ago and photographed her first wedding six months later.

Two and a half years later, it’s a key part of his business: it’s a joy to capture the happiness, love and emotion of the day for a family.

“The photographer is with you from morning to night,” she reflects.

“I have a glimpse of their life, a glimpse of their family.”

The Bride’s Choice Awards are a real sunshine in a difficult time for Caitlyn and the couples she works with.

The lockdowns, whether they prevent travel from Sydney or here locally, have seen many weddings postponed since August.

There has been a rush to reschedule dates that suit a couple’s original sellers – and luckily so far Caitlyn has been able to work with everyone to a happy resolution.

At this point, she is expected to have a very busy first few months in 2022.

“So far the sailing has gone pretty well, everyone has been extremely grateful,” she said.

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