ITV Emmerdale fans point out several Meena Jutla mistakes as they spot her possible loss

Meena Jutla has literally been off the hook for murder for a long time and it looks like she still is – despite being behind bars.

The evil nurse was finally caught out last month after returning to the village to exact revenge on Billy Fletcher on her wedding day.

She kidnapped the groom before bringing him back with his new bride and giving him an ultimatum – save himself or save Dawn.

While the couple managed to escape relatively unscathed, the couple’s wedding planner, Leyla Cavanagh, ended up being shot and Harriet Finch passed out.

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But as viewers know, it was Liam Cavanagh who ultimately came face to face with the serial killer and after inciting him about his daughter’s murder, he pushed her onto the bridge – at the same place where Meena killed Leanna.

After attempting to plead self-defense for Ben Tucker’s murder, Meena was eventually charged as a series of pieces of evidence proved her guilt.

While fans may have thought this would be the end, they were wrong.

Meena is still shooting shots in prison and has managed to convince Vicar Charles to visit her as she repents and asks for forgiveness.

During Monday night’s hour-long visit to the Dales, Charles was back to visit Meena as she began her confession.

Meena convinced Charles to help her ask for forgiveness

“Anything you tell me is between you, me and God,” Charles told her, not wanting to go against her oath.

After pushing Charles to find out if he could handle the truth, she finally confessed to killing Andrea Tate.

But the situation was puzzling for Emmerdale viewers who pointed out a police error.

@ThailaDayton tweeted: “Meena confesses to Charles and the 5 guards who are literally 2 feet away from her #emmerdale #meena.”

“Charles can’t tell bc of his oath but there was a cop there when Meena confessed to killing Andrea, couldn’t they tell? #emmerdale,” @conormckenna101 said.

@LelJoyce said: “Anything Meena says to Charles is between them, God, oh and the officers of the prison standing close enough to hear every word she says #emmerdale.”

Charles couldn’t handle what Meena was telling him

“These two guards standing there like ballboys at Wimbledon. It’s a comedy, isn’t it? #emmerdale,” @sofaneilas couldn’t help but laugh.

@mikepriestley13 shared: “Actually there are 3 guards over there in the ear who just overheard meena confess and will also have Charles’ version if that doesn’t cement meena’s demise I don’t know what will happen. I just heard this confession about Andrea #Emmerdale.”

Later, Meena was seen phoning Charles after he abruptly left after she taunted him about the death of Andrea, his girlfriend at the time.

But she was disappointed when Charles refused to see her again, although she told him she had more to confess.

And the moment turned out to be another sticking point for viewers – but could it turn out to be Meena’s loss?

Meena was then seen and heard on the phone with Charles

“Meena’s calls are surely being monitored? And even if not, haven’t the prison guards heard a single word she said to Charles? #Emmerdale,” said @cheesybiscuit_ .

@djg145 tweeted: “#Emmerdale Just a point for the writers, ALL prison phone calls are monitored and recorded. Confessions accepted!”

‘I have a theory: says ‘Prison staff can listen in and record most types of calls. Some calls go unmonitored, for example when an inmate calls legal counsel ‘Please tell me please they recorded this call to Charles? #Emmerdale’, @wendybradley shared .

@teamkinGZioN fumed: “I expect #meena to be the top dog by the end of the next episode. Because that’s how ridiculous this all is. And you just KNOW this prison will be the one who won’t record calls, and that these whispering phone calls are the start of another 6 months of #Emmerdale ridicule.”

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