“It’s gonna end up in a dumpster somewhere” Wedding dress stolen from prowling Spokane Valley car | Help me Hayley

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Car prowlers continue to be a common crime in our area and a local couple learned a painful lesson that crooks steal anything.

Last month, Callie Knutson had her wedding dress stolen from her car.

“It has no monetary value, it’s just sentiment,” Knutson said. “I cry just to talk about it.”

The bride is devastated, but if there is a bright side here, it’s that she already wore it on her wedding day at the end of last month. Due to COVID, some key members of the bridal party were unable to attend. They were to retake photos that would include everyone, once the COVID cases started to stabilize.

“One of my bridesmaids ended up catching COVID right before the wedding,” she said. “And (so) my little nephew, he’s eight, he was our ring bearer. I’ve never seen him cry so hard (when he knew he couldn’t attend the wedding.) He’s a great event for everyone. “

Not having the two at the ceremony was difficult for the couple, but their marriage continued. They were so grateful when their photographer later came up with a new shot that would include everyone.

“We were going to take pictures again at Green Bluff,” she said.

Callie put her dress in the trunk and was ready to clean it for the shoot.

“That same day… I was going to take it that day to get it ready for photos,” she said.

But those few hours were enough for a thief to reach them. Callie said she could instantly tell her car had been searched as it was parked right outside her Spokane Valley apartment.

“I go up and it looks at me… open trunk,” she said. “And I knew instantly, I didn’t even reach the chest and a wave of devastation washed over me.

Callie hoped one day to pass the dress on to her.

“Some of our nieces were like ‘can I wear your dress someday … you look like a princess’, and of course I’m like,” she said.

She was hoping that maybe a girl down the line would consider wearing it someday too. All of those sweet hopes were catered for with the dress.

“I didn’t realize how special it was until it was gone,” she said.

Callie has filed a police report, but is hoping whoever took it or knows who took it will see this and do the right thing and return it, no questions asked. If you have any information about the dress, you can email Hayley and she will put you in touch with Callie, [email protected]

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