[Interview] Renowned South African artists and designers preview their inspiring showcases of Samsung’s range of lifestyle TVs at Decorex 2021

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – July 01, 2021 – Samsung partnered with Decorex 2021 in a dynamic collaboration with renowned Cape Town studios, WeareEGG, THEFOURTH with Luxolo, Pederson and Lennard and the Norval Foundation in June. A captivating gallery-like setting will be created specifically to highlight the unique features of the Samsung lifestyle TV line. Centered on Samsung’s vision of empowering people to use TV technology as tools for self-expression, Samsung South Africa Newsroom spoke to some of the designers and artists, including Pederson + Lennard and Studio Lloyd, to have their point of view on Decorex 2021 and their integration. from The Serif TV:

Why are platforms like Decorex important for artists?

Pederson + Lennard: Any platform that celebrates creativity and gives people a chance to recognize the value this industry brings is good. We are delighted to be part of this showcase.

Studio Lloyd: Sometimes it is quite difficult to market yourself and target multiple people at the same time. Platforms like Decorex emphasize the importance of local design and highlight the number of talented local artists in a city. Design can be expressed in so many different ways and we are grateful to be a part of Decorex because we believe it creates a bridge between the townspeople and local artists. Especially after last year Decorex has come to focus on showcasing what local creatives have to offer that you won’t need to look beyond Cape Town’s borders.

How do The Serif or The Frame TV create a synergy between art and technology?

Pederson + Lennard: We work so hard to design pieces that celebrate simplicity and I think that is becoming more and more important in our world now with so many distractions. The way these televisions effortlessly frame the artistic vision and give people the chance to express themselves in their own homes is inspiring.

Studio Lloyd: At Studio Lloyd, we create art by blending traditional craftsmanship and design with technology. Our studio is full of life and vibrant energy and we listen to loud music all the time. Near field communication would make it even easier to play music from our smartphone directly to a device. Technology keeps us energized as these lifestyle TVs inspire us for our craft.

Why would the Serif / Frame TV be ideal in your studio?

Pederson + Lennard: Nothing inspires like crisp images of nature and close-up details. These unique TVs deliver that magic in a frame and display style that we can choose from.

Studio Lyon: The Serif would be ideal in our studio as we have a lot of existing and future clients visiting our creative space. We would be able to discuss large scale drawings and references thanks to The Serif’s razor sharp image which can reproduce the images in great detail. Our designs would look amazing on screen, and the TV itself would fit perfectly into our industrial studio.

Samsung will be showcasing its incredible lifestyle TVs, The Frame TV and The Serif TV during the Decorex 2021 Design Path which launches at Radisson, Cape Town in June.

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