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New Delhi [India], June 11 (ANI / SRV Media): D-Day is the most important day in every couple’s life, and due to Bollywood’s famous “Big Fat Indian Weddings”, it’s now almost every couple’s dream. brides. And, to make those dreams come true, they are the best wedding planners in India. In an effort to deliver a personalized, seamless and holistic wedding planning experience, Anant Khandelwal announced the launch of India’s largest wedding planning portal – IWP Select for the soon-to-be. married. The Wedding Portal is an extension of Jaipur-Delhi based boutique company, IWP Select is a one-stop wedding portal where couples around the world can quickly plan their entire wedding with the experts. The Wedding Portal offers an end-to-end solution for planning, screening and finalizing wedding events of all sizes, small, intimate, large, extravagant, destination and international.

They have also organized venues like the Grand Palace weddings for couples from all over the world. IWP has become one of the forerunners of the industry serving beautiful destinations in India, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and many more. IWP also combines luxury hotel options with wedding planning services.

Anant Khandelwal, Director, Indian Wedding Planners, said, “We have created a broad and exciting vision at Indian Wedding Planners and are constantly finding new ways to improve and simplify the wedding planning process. We bring style and detail to every project; each wedding is planned and personalized to reflect the personalities of the couple and every element is executed to perfection. Personally, it satisfies me to make so many couples happy by turning their million-in-a-million dream marriages into reality. With the new IWP SELECT wedding portal, we’re bringing new ideas and services to help the couple’s family easily find wedding destinations and turn their dream wedding into reality. “In a very short period of time, Indian Wedding Planners (IWP) from Anant Khandelwal have managed a reputable clientele including national and international celebrities, businessmen and members of the showbiz world. As a wedding planner at End-to-end destination, IWP takes care of managing the entire wedding, from helping the family finalize the venue to the safety of the guests on the return flight.

They also specialize in listing unexplored destinations and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. IWP’s vast experience coupled with the bride and groom’s dream ideas for their special day can help create a wedding that is both memorable and magical.

Anant Khandelwal commented: “As our client’s special day approaches, many pieces of the puzzle appear faulty or are just too cumbersome to organize. At this point, a wedding planner like IWP can step in and facilitate the whole process, making things easier and more harmonious for the client. We make sure that our guests are enjoying their best days in life without worrying about the trivial things and indulge in the celebration as they please. “IWP’s mission is to provide an experiential yet hassle-free process in choosing the perfect wedding destination for the big day. The IWP team takes care of all the complex and tiny tasks; from booking the best one. wedding suppliers, offering spectacular decorating alternatives to help finalize the best photographers, artists and artists, they are the bride and groom’s trusted partner responsible for the big day.

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