In light of expanding border closure, couple discuss their big day at the border

A wedding ceremony in two different countries at the same time. This is because a bride and groom exchanged “I do” at the Canadian border.

The pandemic forced the couple to get creative. The border being closed, they could not reunite the two families. So, they decided to meet their relatives halfway.

“We wanted to reunite with our two families, but we couldn’t make it to Canada, my family being American and Devina’s family being Canadian,” said groom David Hecht.

It was the brother of the bride who ultimately came up with the idea: a Derby-Vermont border wedding – a four-hour drive from the bride’s hometown in Ottawa, Canada. The couple flew to Washington DC, where they currently reside.

“We kind of laughed when we first heard it, and then we realized that maybe we should really consider this… It’s a real possibility,” said bride Devina Finn.

On a sunny day in early September it became a reality. Their photographer Andrew Geddes, co-owner of Union Eleven Photographers, says it was her first border marriage.

“We didn’t know if this would actually happen because you didn’t book this ‘venue’. It’s not really a place, it’s just a street that makes the transition across the country, ”said Geddes.

After getting permission from border officials on both sides, David and Devina fully embraced the idea.

“We didn’t try to hide the fact where we were. We haven’t tried to make it look like a normal marriage. It’s pretty neat to see the board patrol there and the warning tape right in the foreground of the photo. It makes it unique, ”Geddes said.

David and Devina said the border patrol also supported their plans.

They were great. They said, ‘Oh that’s an interesting idea. I don’t think they expected that call. They said as long as you don’t cross the border, don’t touch or pass nothing… they were perfectly nice about it, ”said David.

Despite the pandemic, the couple said their celebration was very special.

“We installed a portable Jewish wedding canopy called Chupah. We did it from the prayers that were in our family. We asked our family to hold on, so it was a lot more personal than we might have had otherwise, ”said Devina.

Devina’s husband said he enjoyed having his closest friends and family by his side and listening to the live broadcast.

“We feel really good about it, having a very small group of intimate and close people,” David said.

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