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HYDERABAD: It’s not just clothes, rituals and ceremonies, city brides and grooms want traditional and old-fashioned wedding decor too. From the nadaswarams, the scent of camphor, the marigold garlands to meals served on banana leaves, they want their big day to exude rustic elegance.

According to wedding planners, the days of flamboyant and cheesy themed weddings such as “Bollywood” glamor or “Shimmer and Bling” are over. Hyderabadis wants to keep it simple, intimate and traditional.

Samuel Ebenezer Pillai, the owner of Wedding Stories, has been working on traditional themed weddings for quite some time. “Every client wants to become traditional, he wants an old Telugu style wedding. They want coconut leaves, coconut / banana mats, marigold and rose flowers. Even the use of ragi and brass items such as gangalam, bindelu and deepanthalu for Mangalasananam and Pellikuthuru rituals has increased, ”he says.

Vamshi Ganagona, another wedding planner in town, hosts eco-friendly weddings, in which he ends up using the more traditional elements of the decor. “Here, preference is given to colors like white, green and yellow, because they are environmentally friendly. I don’t use plastic at all in my decoration and the fiber has become obsolete.

In the old days, people would tie coconut leaves and hang them outside their homes. Today our customers want this, ”he says. Tradition is making a comeback in weddings. For example, customers want to grind turmeric by hand for the haldi ceremony, and they want pure organic turmeric, Vamshi says.

Kenny Salvadi, a Christian wedding planner, says most of his clients prefer vintage themes. “Right before this lockdown, we got an order for a bridal shower and they wanted a village theme. Most of them want either a vintage theme or a classic old alien look. In such projects, we need minimal decor to make the church look elegant. The colors used are mainly peach and off white. When it comes to receiving, they want it Nawabi.

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