How to pose men for natural portraits: a detailed tutorial

Portrait photographer Jerry ghionis posted an in-depth video that gives tips on how to pose men in front of a camera so as to create more relaxed and natural portraits that accentuate the subject and make their features stand out.

Based in Las Vegas, USA, and Melbourne, Australia, Ghionis is a highly experienced wedding and portrait photographer and educator whose photographic style can be described as “vintage glamor meets contemporary fashion”. Recognizing that many photographers find it difficult to pose their subjects, especially male models and clients, Ghionis demonstrates the techniques he uses to pose his subjects.

This particular tutorial is a follow-up to his previous video which explains how he poses for couples.

Unlike the way he poses women, Ghionis creates a “V” shape for his male clients by rotating the subject’s body at an angle that creates a stronger shape than would be visible if he were simply facing them. the camera. He also notes that it’s important to take into account how the light falls and use it in conjunction with pose tips to create a more dynamic but still relaxed pose.

Gionis reminds viewers of the importance of remembering the position of the hands, which is a question frequently asked by subjects who do not have much experience in front of the camera. Ghionis sees them as an expressive part of the body – similar to the eyes – and notes how to use them for a more aesthetic shot, which comes in handy for wedding photos when the groom and his group are photographed for ceremonies. . Just a slight change in the placement of the hand and fingers can bring an image to a more sophisticated result.

Ghionis also shows how much more consideration is given to creating portraits than just placing subjects in front of the camera and letting them pose without any guidance. He explains that body language is a major player in the development of a traditionally “manly” or “female” portrait.

Subject positioning can be as important as facial expression, and when successfully combined, the two can help create a powerful shot that showcases the photographer’s portrait skills and sets him apart from the crowd. its competitors.

More tutorials and in-person trainings from Ghionis can be found on his photo tutorial site and her own portrait and wedding work can be viewed on her wallet.

Image credits: Photos by Jerry Ghionis and used with permission.

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