How to plan a bachelorette party at the spa

For the bride who favors personal care over photos, a spa bachelorette is the perfect way to unwind, unwind, and pamper yourself after months of wedding planning. It’s a great way to bond with your girlfriends while also giving yourself a little TLC.

Reuniting with your girlfriends from your past, present, and future to your bachelorette party can be difficult when it comes to landing in a place and planning activities that everyone loves. A spa bachelorette is something anyone can agree on (and if you’ve been part of a wedding of more than 10 people, you know exactly how rare it is!)

The best spa bachelorette parties include long days by the pool, luxurious treatments, and an overall relaxed atmosphere where you can sit and relax with a drink in your hand and your best friends by your side. .

“Relaxation, good energy and a clean, calm environment are all important elements for a great bachelorette spa weekend,” says Maggie Rester, professional bachelorette party organizer.

Meet the expert

Maggie Rester is the founder of BASH, a professional bachelorette party planning service in Austin. She’s planned hundreds of stag and hen parties and often incorporates spa treatments into her plans for singles.

Spa bachelorettes are not tied to a specific location or season. You can organize a great bachelorette party at the spa in the town where you live, or fly away for a weekend at a popular resort. Wherever you decide to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect before the big day, read on for everything you need to know about planning a bachelorette party at the spa.

Spa bachelorette party etiquette

Bachelorette parties at the spa can be a blast, but etiquette questions always arise. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Who throws a spa bachelorette?

Typically, the bridesmaid is planning the bachelorette party. When planning a bachelorette party at the spa, the Department of Health should obtain approval from the bride and bridal party before booking accommodation and treatments for the group. If the wedding party wants to join in and give the bride a surprise massage or facial treatment, the Department of Health should be the one to coordinate payments and schedule the service.

What happens during a bachelorette party at the spa?

A spa bachelorette is a discreet and stress-free weekend. Rest and relaxation are the two main goals, so expect a flexible itinerary with plenty of time allotted for relaxing by the pool, enjoying a refreshing cocktail or two, and the opportunity to indulge in pampering. spa.

How to organize a bachelorette party at the spa?

According to Stay, there are a number of ways to kick off the ultimate spa bachelorette. “You can take the ‘spa’ home and have massage therapists, beauticians, IV hydration therapies, manicures and pedicures come to the vacation rental,” she suggests. “The key to this is to create a relaxing environment for customers without having to travel. Generally, each customer can decide what service they want to offer which is great because everyone can get what they want. ”

If you’d rather indulge in a chic weekend spa getaway, take a look at the top-rated hotels where you plan to have your bachelorette party. “Lake Austin Spa or W Hotel [in Austin] is awesome because you can stay on the property to really immerse yourself in the bachelorette weekend spa experience, ”says Rester.

How long should a spa bachelorette last?

A spa bachelorette can be the entire bachelorette weekend, with each day devoted to a different aspect of well-being. Perhaps the first day is spent relaxing by the pool, the second day includes a morning yoga class and afternoon spa treatment, and the third day is spent exploring the gardens of the complex.

If an entire spa weekend feels like a nap festival, you can also fit a singular spa day into a more exciting singles weekend.

“[A spa bachelorette] is a big hangover day for the party team who wants to relax and recuperate one of the days, ”says Rester.

Who pays for a bachelorette party at the spa?

“Usually, each customer is responsible for paying for their own trip and the service they want,” says Rester. “Sometimes the parents of the bride or groom will cover certain expenses.”

Budget is a big factor to consider with any bachelorette party, but spa treatments are an added expense that not everyone wants to pay. “Certainly give customers a choice of what services they can get,” she adds. “Some people don’t like spending the extra money, so it’s okay not to force this on anyone.”

Before booking a weekend getaway at an upscale resort, check with your bridesmaids to make sure everyone is okay with splurging on accommodations. It would be a nice gesture to embark on a single spa service for all of your bridesmaids like a manicure or pedicure. That way, if some bridesmaids can’t or don’t want to pay for additional spa treatments, they can always leave on the weekends feeling pampered.

Allow time on the weekends for the bridesmaids who wish to have a massage or a massage while the other bridesmaids prepare drinks and appetizers by the pool.

Who should consider having a spa bachelorette?

Spa singles are a great choice for ultimate brides who want their friends and family to treat their bachelor like a real vacation. Of course, everyone is there for the bride and there will inevitably be group outings and dinners, but for the most part, a spa bachelorette is not about the bride.

It’s about taking a break from the stress of everyday life and escaping to a world of tranquility for a weekend. It’s about bonding and rekindling friendships with friends and family who have moved over the years, which is hard to do with loud music in a crowded club.

For brides who are fed up with the traditional singles weekend marathon that has become very popular in recent years, a bachelorette spa is a quiet weekend devoted to friendship and self-care.

What games or activities can you play?

A spa bachelorette is pretty laid-back in nature, but you should sprinkle a few activities throughout the weekend to help your wedding party bond with each other and with you. Stay suggests having a mimosa or Bloody Mary bar if you are hosting your own spa weekend at the Airbnb.

You can also plan to take a fun group workout class or have an astrologer draw tarot cards for your bridesmaids who can guide their future. Modern spas have tons of alternative wellness experiences to explore, from healing salt caves to soothing sound baths. Spend time in nature by taking a short hike or strolling along the beach. A spa bachelorette is all about R&R, so whatever games or activities you plan on making sure you leave plenty of time for lounging, pampering, and stargazing.

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